Karakul and broadtail – the difference

Каракуль и каракульча – разница

Today, the popularity of products from natural fur are very high. Someone chooses a relevant model, with an emphasis on the material, someone interested in originality of style, and someone looking for a combination of the above qualities in a single garment. It is relevant today can be fully called coats of Karakul and broadtail. The product of these mechs look really original and unusual. Due to interesting witosa structure of the pile every thing looks very attractive and outstanding. However, having stopped the choice on these models, it is necessary to know what is the difference between lambskin and karakulcha.

What is different from Karakul broadtail?

In fact Karakul and broadtail is the same fur. The difference between the products is only that model of coats from Karakul are sewn from the skins of young lambs that have reached full maturity in the womb and have undergone the process of childbirth. Clothes made of broadtail involves the extraction of the skins of unborn lambs, which have undergone a process of bortirovki or premature death in the womb.

In the finished product to detect the difference Astrakhan and broadtail easily. Fur coats from broadtail not massive, fur softer and the texture more Каракуль и каракульча – разницаsmooth. The skin of broadtail tight to the skin, which makes ready-made clothes are not so fat. However, the insulation product is very high, and their durability allows you to actively wear stylish models few seasons.

If you know what the Karakul, then you also will be easy to guess that the fur is born lived for 2-3 days lambs differs from the texture at an earlier stage. Indeed, the Karakul has a clear texture. Curls born lambs already have a much more dense and rigid shape that forms a unique pattern. The haptics coats of Astrakhan heavier and thicker. However, these qualities provide greater durability. In addition, due to tight Astrakhan curls products are resistant to moisture.

Regardless of which product you select – from Karakul or broadtail, in any case, do not hesitate, your image will correspond to the modern girl in trend.

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