Honey body wrap for cellulite at home: the best recipes

Cellulite – a problem not only for adult ladies, but for young girls. Slender legs, toned buttocks, beautiful smooth skin surface become the dream of many beauties. Honey body wrap for cellulite at home easily cope with the «representability» of the skin, making it healthy and supple. The skin is quickly nourished by the substance, the process of purification of toxins is easier. Options wraps against cellulite – hundreds, but we’ll tell you about the most affordable.

How to make a cellulite wrap at home

In the hope of improving the condition of the foot, waist, hips with the popular procedure does not have to spend a lot of money in beauty salons. Overseas drugs, blue clay is not a single treatment for problem skin. Using honey wraps for cellulite at home will not only improve the condition of the body, but also to save time. The main substance of the procedure does not tolerate high temperatures, so the wrap thick blankets need not always.

Before you start the procedure honey wraps for cellulite at home, should undertake preliminary preparation of the skin. Make a cleansing scrub, massage or use the scrub. Required for cleaning the steaming skin under a hot shower, and ideally when visiting the sauna. Problem areas need to steam. To carry out the cleansing must be very carefully to use honey against cellulite at home, to achieve high efficiency from the first session.


Recipes wraps with honey

Honey against cellulite at home combined with other components has excellent properties. Depending on the added ingredient of the procedure there are two types of session: cold and hot. The most effective anti-cellulite is a hot honey wrap. It is aimed at warming up the body. To enhance the effect, apply additional heating of the body by means of plaid or blanket. Minus the hot procedure is allowed not to everyone.

Honey mustard

Prepare the body wrap with honey and mustard on the basis of the mentioned ingredients one by one. Would be appropriate the addition of a couple of favorite oils. The mixture burns a little body, you need to wait about 45 minutes and to wash off all the hot water. The procedure will be effective if you make it through the day, the time interval of a full range of sessions is 1 month.


For cooking take natural fine ground coffee, warm the honey (one to one), the treated problem areas. Withstand hours washed off. Faster, better result will be achieved with a light massaging of the body.


Contraindications hot style body wraps at home for belly with chilli exist for women who have gynecological diseases. For makeup, take honey, red pepper flakes for 2 tablespoons of honey, a small spoonful of pepper. If you feel discomfort, immediately rinse off the mixture.


Mixed salt and warm honey (2 tablespoons). Warmed up the body a hot shower, and apply the composition carefully sheltering film. The procedure takes 2.5 hours. After washes with salt girlsgogames funds need intensive massage with honey and vegetable oil.

With oils

Heat honey to a warm state, to it add a few drops of oil. 60 g of the main ingredient you need 4 drops of oil. Choose the type of oils on your own – pine, orange, grape, tangerine. After 45 minutes, the composition is completely washed away.

With ginger

Very nice mixture is made from: honey (60 g), red pepper (5 g) grated ginger (10 g), warm water (10 ml), olive oil (45 ml). All mix, gently apply the entire volume on «complex» areas. Left for half an hour, if rough – rinse the mask with cold water.

How to do the wrap

Main points should be considered:

  1. Honey wrap for the night not only treats, but also relaxing.
  2. You should do a thorough cleaning and exfoliation with a scrub or coffee.
  3. Mix for hot treatments should be heated and to cold to keep the room temperature.
  4. On top of the food composition is enveloped with a film of polyethylene.
  5. For hot treatments better over the film to coddle the blanket.
  6. The cold procedure is carried out for problematic areas, hot – for the entire body.
  7. Doing the right procedure 10-day course, through the day, then a break for 2 months.

Video: how to fight cellulite with the help of honey and mustard

To fly you need to be prepared! No ugly hollows and orange peel on the thighs should not be. Summer greets us with warmer days and carefree sunshine, it’s time to show beautiful legs. To achieve weight loss, get rid of cellulite you will need the honey mustard wrap. Simple and effective the procedure will make the skin smooth and elastic. Watch the video to learn how to properly conduct a medical session.

Reviews about honey wrap

Galina, 27 years: carry out the procedure within one month through the day with honey and mustard, alternating with the massage. Skin a month later acquired firmness, began to gradually flatten «the trough» on the sides and thighs.

Cyrus, 31 years: did a session with pepper and honey. Hell is awful, had to wash off. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who have high skin sensitivity.

Valentine, 43 years: Make a coffee wrap at the hips and partially the waist for a year. Really like the composition a pleasant smell, the skin does not burn and is perfectly relaxing after a hard day. Through regular sessions, the skin in perfect condition. Recommend, helps.


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