How to get rid of insomnia at night in the home folk remedies

Insomnia affects people of any age. All night tossing and turning in bed, to look for, how to get rid of insomnia may be a man, and a teenager. Very often insomnia occurs in people who lead an active mental activity. In psychology it is considered that if you do not fight with this disease, it will have a negative impact on the human condition, the consequence will be a decline in the quality of his life and disorders of the nervous system.

Ways of treating insomnia

Many people often wonder how to sleep, if not sleeping? The most good way, if insomnia is caused not by disease, are sedentary monotonous sessions. For example, reading books, praying or knitting, but not computer work. The voltage causes eye fatigue and disrupts sleep. You can use and other remedies for insomnia:

  • a hot bath before bedtime;
  • warm drinks with honey;
  • to combat the illness, one needs to move a lot, for example, during lunch go to the cafe or shop, and after work it is advisable to take a little walk;
  • swimming in the pool and perform basic exercises;
  • a visit to the psychologist;
  • hypnosis;
  • the use of methods of homeopathy.


The choice of medicines against insomnia is limited by the fact that as such a generic drug of this disease does not exist. Isomnia treatment is the restoration of the biological rhythm of sleep. Isolated from the complex treatments cure for insomnia will not solve the main problem of agrypnie – morbid insomnia. It is always better to start treatment with drugs of plant origin.


In the struggle with insomnia used several groups of drugs: sedatives, antihistamines, tranquilizers. They are constantly improving, reducing the side effects and different contraindications. Pills are available to all age groups of patients. As a rule, to overcome the symptoms of the disease, people buy over-the-counter drugs for insomnia containing vegetable basis:

  • Neyrostabil;
  • Ortho-Taurine;
  • Novopasit;
  • Person;
  • etc.

Person pills for insomnia have a mild effect. They contain lemon balm, Valerian. They will not cause daytime drowsy state. The course of treatment is one week. A day should the medication be taken 3 times 2 capsules. Ortho-Taurine prevents fatigue (physical and mental), establishes the process of falling asleep. Does not cause addiction. You should drink 2 capsules one hour before sleep, treatment from 10 days to a month.



Besides pills, what helps insomnia? Drop! Everyone who suffers from isomnia (insomnia) attention should be given to a new domestic drug Valemidin. It contains only vegetable soothing: motherwort, Valerian, mint. To take drops against insomnia adults, before meals, dissolving them in water beforehand. Dosed 30 drops 4 times a day. They should take no more than 10 days. Can help insomnia and drops landyshevo – needed week at night, take 30 drops diluted in water.

Folk remedies

From asomnia can help traditional proven methods. How to get rid of insomnia at home, knew our great-grandmothers. All the treatment of irritable healthy people is reduced to the compliance with sleep mode. In the long-term agrypnie, along with treatment with drugs, consider taking a natural simple tools of folk medicine. Treatment foods and herbs for insomnia is very simple.


Cures insomnia Ivan-tea: pour the boiling water 3 tbsp dried herb, tincture leave for 5 hours in a thermos. To take 4 times a day. Elderberries also help to cope with the disease: a tablespoon of elderberry red root should be brewed with boiling water, then boil for 15 minutes and leave for half an hour. The decoction per day to consume 3 times. From the malady helps the infusion of dill, one tablespoon of dried herb should be brewed with boiling water and pour it overnight to infuse in a thermos. Then strain. Drinking the broth from insomnia one glass a day. There are and herbal:

  • Take 30 gr. motherwort and peppermint, 20 gr. hop cones and Valerian.
  • Mix everything and pour boiling water, heat for 20 minutes. The next step is press the raw material and add a little water.
  • A decoction should drink 1/2 Cup 3 times.

With the help of honey

Honey strengthens the body, it AIDS sleep and acts as a sedative for the nervous system. Recipes:

  1. Insomnia greatly helps honey with milk. Every day before going to sleep should drink warm dairy product and honey.
  2. Beet juice and honey: you need to take a Cup of honey and a glass of beet juice, stir and pour into any jar. Drink the infusion 3 times need 1 tbsp a day until all the mixture.
  3. As a prevention, drink warm honey water at night.

How to deal with insomnia at home

Sleep disorder prevents a person to live peacefully and lead a normal cases. Many people, when faced with a problem, no idea what to do to fall asleep? You can try before visiting the doctor at home to cope with the disease. To do this:

  • to keep diet;
  • to exclude junk food from the diet;
  • to do sports;
  • take vitamins;
  • to breathe fresh air;
  • specially to prepare a sleeping place to sleep is to ventilate the room, use a orthopedic bedding.

In children

The main condition for the preparation to sleep mode. If the child everyday will be laid to sleep at the same time, very soon he will get used to it. More tips:

  • Come up with a special little ritual for sleep. Need some repetitive action that is executed just before bedtime. For example, reading stories or bathing.
  • Lullabies are a time – honored method of stacking. The child will feel that he is loved.

During pregnancy

Often pregnant women can hear: «Wake up at night and can’t sleep, what can you take?» Required before medication to consult their physicians concerning the safety of the drug for the unborn child. In addition, it is important to avoid daily stress. Bedtime drink thyme tea. Do not sleep during the day. To get rid asomnia helps:

  • daily exercise;
  • the mode of the day;
  • ventilation of the room;
  • comfortable pajamas and a place to sleep;
  • evening walk.

In old age

In older people most frequently encountered sleep disorders. They may suffer in connection with the fact that worsens the circulation and decreases the level of melatonin. This problem should be treated and to take measures for its elimination, using special medications. The main condition – remedies for insomnia for the elderly must be safe, not to cause complications in the whole body. In addition, people aged to cure insomnia will help the following:

  • need to make your bed comfortable;
  • avoid stress;
  • do not drink coffee and too strong tea;
  • eliminate fatty foods;
  • ventilate the room, but so as not to get sick;
  • take walks often in the fresh air;
  • sleep in cotton underwear.

What is insomnia

The causes of insomnia are: the chronic disease, delirium, fatigue, negative attitude to the world, wrong way of life. The motive for the disease can be drunk at night mug of strong tea, or eaten for dinner fatty meal and drinking a glass of wine or beer. In addition, the symptom may become when asomnia:

  • the binge;
  • IRR;
  • women during menopause;
  • newborn – colic;
  • depression;
  • making medicines;
  • loud music, bright light in the room;
  • harmful habits;
  • strong experiences.

Video: how to sleep with insomnia

Insomnia exposed to different people – regardless of their social status, age, gender and level of wealth. Only individual of its reasons. How to quickly get rid of insomnia, about drugs and about treatment options asomnia well told in the video. Following the simple advice of famous people, you will forget that such a sleep disturbance.


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