A drug or a cure-all Thai tablets

Gaining weight, snacking on the go, many women subsequently seek a variety of methods and ways to lose weight: holiday, summer, etc. Agree, it’s nice to have a pill that will do everything for you. If this is in reality and as far as possible rapid weight loss without dieting pills with Thai?

This is the common name of a number of «preparations» that do not have international certification and are recognized as dietary supplements. This is a huge variety of tools (over 100 items) that help trusting, but very lazy young ladies to lose excess weight effortlessly.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the import of Thai tablets produced in the territory of the countries of South-East Asia, is prohibited. Long term imprisonment is punishable exports from Thailand drugs for weight loss.


Depending on the composition, manufacturer, and purpose, diet pills have different mechanism of influence on the human body:

  1. Diuretics. Use – removal of toxins and impurities. Minus – heavy load on the kidneys, loss of minerals, dehydration.
  2. Cholagogue. If there are stones, sand in the gallbladder is to provoke their progress and blockages in the bile ducts.
  3. Laxatives substances. Ponosnye components help to clean the intestines from toxins.
  4. Drugs. The amphetamine drugs group identified in most of the range included in «the List No. 1 potent tools». Cause dependence. As a psychostimulants; increase efficiency as the ionization, at the same time «killing» the heart and the nervous system. Included Thai pills phentermine and fenfluramine are drugs.

An obvious result for weight loss noted by most people that use Thai tablets. But only for a short time. They incapacitate all systems of human activity, and pay for «successful weight loss» in the best case will be treated in the hospital under supervision of doctors.

Than dangerous Thai tablets for weight loss:

  1. Amphetaminesgroup substances are addictive.
  2. Disrupted sleep and rest: insomnia, headaches, apathy.
  3. Depression, nervousness, increased tearfulness or unprovoked aggression occur in a week or two after you start taking.
  4. Deterioration of the General condition, nausea, vomiting, severe diarrhea, frequent urination.
  5. The liver, kidneys, digestive system.
  6. Increased blood circulation is achieved by increasing the number of contractions of the heart muscle. Results: pain in the heart, tachycardia, the AD.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the Thai pills are real means that reduce appetite and promote weight loss, but the main question is the price for your own laziness and desire of freebies.


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