Shorts, clips and a bracelet or how to lose weight without straining

The abundance of tasty but harmful for the figure products of modern progress in the form of numerous «assistants,» the occupation has become one of the causes of such diseases as obesity. You don’t like enhanced physical activity, combat obesity by dieting, severe restrictions? An innovative device will help you to find the ideal figure, dropping the extra 2-5-15 and more pounds without having to workout for hours in gyms, fitness clubs.

How to lose weight easily with the help of bracelet, clips or magnetic shorts?


Breeches for weight loss have properties:

  • stylish clothes for moms, walking with a toddler; those who like shopping or ladies who prefer to stay in front of the TV;
  • comfortable slimming underwear, emphasizing the beauty of the figure;
  • sporting clothes that provide freedom of action.

Innovative fabric shorts for slimming and creates a light massage effect, removing the visual appearance of cellulite. When worn (10-15 minutes later after dressing) you will notice the appearance of beads of sweat on the legs, buttocks, waist and abdomen. Such an effect of «sauna» causes an increase in body temperature, helping to eliminate toxins, getting rid of excess fluid in


For more exercise, fitness or weight training increase the rate of metabolic processes. Thanks to the last, accelerating the breakdown of the lipid layer in problem areas, and volumes of waist and hips melt away.

Intense sweating, excretion through the pores of the skin of toxins absorbed with a special cloth of the shorts used on the inner side. To prolonged wear does not have a «flavor», or dermatological problems, limit the wear time of 2-3 hours.

Biomagnify (clips, bracelets).

It was developed by specialists of the devices that have an impact on the acceleration of metabolic processes. Created by biomagnetic energy fields tend to cause increased production of hormones responsible for the metabolism processes in the body. The result will be:

  • normalization of metabolism;
  • the body spending more calories;
  • efficient cleavage of the lipid layer and, as a consequence, the weight loss of 3-4 kg per week.

Magnetic clips are two paired «buttons» containing a magnet. Easily mounted on both sides of the ear. Securing biomagnify on acupuncture point, responsible for appetite, in a week you will notice his decline, and the results of the long-awaited weight loss will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Magnetic bracelets have an unusual, attractive design and can be used as a stylish accessory. You should not wear jewelry-loss in a pair of metal objects that absorb magnetic waves.

Biomagnify slimming should wear at least 6 hours a day. Recommended duration of one course – 25-30 days. To the slimming effect became more visible, and you felt the intense weight loss, try to normalize the diet, leaving for dinner no more than 20% of calories consumed.

Bracelets with natural stones, volcanic ash.

Ancient beliefs of the Eastern sages talk about the extraordinary properties of gemstones to attract luck, to slow down the aging process, restore energy balance in the body. Normalizing the functioning of the internal organs, bracelets with stones improve metabolism. Elegant, bright design allows you to use the bracelets as stylish adornments.

Chronic diseases of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, depression and the inability to lead a normal life – a small fraction of obesity. Combining the knowledge gained from ancient times, and modern technologies, scientific research for weight loss «without tension» has a minimum of contraindications, are suitable for busy women, do not cause addiction. Ne forget that only a harmonious combination of proper nutrition, an active lifestyle coupled with the wearing of innovative means of slimming is able to solve the problem of extra pounds.


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