How to cook beef?

Сколько варить говядину?

Beef contains a lot of vitamins, nutrients and has excellent taste. It is used for cooking first and second courses, as a result, each time subjecting to heat treatment.

Today we will look at how to cook this type of meat and to preserve to the maximum its properties and to get the perfect creamy texture of the beef fibres and decide on the cooking time for each case of the use of this meat product.

How to boil beef for soup?

If you are using beef for making soup, soup, pickle or any other dish first, before determining the necessary time of cooking, pay attention to the quality of the meat. The flesh of young beef will be ready in about an hour, and the meat on the bone cooked for a longer time a sirloin and should be kept at a moderate reflux for two hours and a half. In any case, and regardless of what meat you prefer, a few minutes before the start of the boil and for five minutes be sure to remove the soup from the foam formed. This procedure will provide clear broth without any admixture of flakes.

How long to cook beef until ready for salad?

Unlike batch cooking meat for soup, for salad, we normally take the whole piece, which depending on the necessary portions can be quite large. It is therefore necessary to follow some simple rules and then the result is always excellent.

So, start boiling the meat for salad, choose a pot size only a little more beef pieces. The less water used for boiling meat, the tastier and richer it will taste. The liquid should cover the product in the pan at least one inch.

Pour the meat in the pot with cold water and boiling water, and only then sent to the fire to boil. The cooking time for beef pieces weighing approximately one kilogram is, on average, an hour and a half. But you should always check the readiness with a sharp knife, stabbing them with a slice and checking for softness. He should easily sign in and also without difficulty «going out» of the meat. If necessary extend the process until the desired soft result.

When cooking meat on the salad in thirty minutes from the beginning of the process, add to the water, salt, peas of black and fragrant pepper, Bay leaves, onion bulbs, and roots of carrots, parsley and celery.

How to cook beef tongue?

To boil for salad or other interesting dishes beef tongue, fill it with water and after boiling, cook on the fire the low-intensity for three and a half hours. If the product weight more than half a kilogram, extend the cooking time by half an hour. As in the case of meat for a salad that you add when cooking language salt, spices, onion and spices.

Upon completion of the process of cooking tongue immediately dipping into ice-cold water and immediately peel the skins, by prying off at the base with a knife.

Сколько варить говядину?

How to cook beef or veal, to become soft?

The cooking time of beef depends on the maturity of the animal which is the source of the product and the size of the meat loaf. Boiled young beef, the so-called beef will take much less time because the meat fibers are much softer and softer. For example, if boiling a piece of beef you need to spend about an hour and a half, the beef will be enough and one.

Finally, we note that the cooking time in each individual case must be determined empirically by the method of the samples for softness.

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