8 phrases that annoy pregnant

The most annoying questions asked by pregnant women. How to respond to them?

8 фраз, которые раздражают беременных.

Pregnancy is one of the most important and exciting moments in every woman’s life. Throughout the nine months the expectant mother is exposed to experiences for themselves and their child, hormonal changes and everyday stresses. Especially compounding the situation is the obsessive attention of relatives, acquaintances and just passers-by. Their questions and advice sometimes cause the already weakened nervous system to experience shocks. So, what phrases are totally annoying pregnant?

— Are you pregnant?

The most frequently asked question, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Treat with irony and attutides that you ate a watermelon or swallowed a balloon.

— How many scored?

The issue has already taken place mothers who «experience» for your extra pounds. Answer what you can with joy to share with them.

— Difficulty walking?

Well as you thought? Bind to the stomach 10 litre bucket of water and breathe deeply. Very hard, and to somehow lighten the load, do not exasperate pregnant once again in rhetorical questions.

— Don’t buy in advance!

One of the wonderful will in our time. And when you buy? To be discharged with a naked baby, especially in the middle of winter, sad can affect its health. You can certainly trust to buy my next of kin and then horrified to contemplate the result of his work.

— Bags to the hospital ready?

«How the test was done, immediately gathered» ‒ attutides from investigators. They are unlikely to ask in order to help you. Alternatively, give them a list of needs.

Waiting for someone? What’s his name?

Meticulous questions that sound throughout pregnancy. Let, to them that you decided not to know the sex of the baby beforehand. But children usually call son or daughter.

— It’s bad for you!

Oh Yes, many «experienced» counselors ready to smack you a lot of good recommendations, what is and what is not. You, of course, tomorrow will begin the «right» way of life!

— Gave birth?

The closer the end of pregnancy, the more often you hear the question. And from the same people. Invite them to learn poems to memory and let them know you will notify about the termination of pregnancy.

Anyway, day after day, throughout the pregnancy you will be attacked with various questions and tips. May they not timely, not appropriate, but that’s the way your family are concerned and worried about your health. You decide, to listen to them or not.

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