From what the pain appears in different places of the head

Frequent cause of failure in the working rhythm of the daily schedule of a normal person is headache. It forces you to change your plans, postpone your important Affairs and meetings for another day or swallow a lot of drugs. But it’s not just «annoying fly» that can «kill» a tablet, and an important signal!

От чего появляется боль в разных местах головы

Pain that appears in different parts of the head, may point to some disease or be a consequence of injuries. What causes a headache and what are the symptoms?

1. The pain in the top of the head and temples. This pain appears suddenly and rapidly increases. Temporal pain is a consequence of the lack of sleep, surges in blood pressure, menopause, intoxication.

2. Morning headache. If you regularly every morning torturing headache, be sure to consult your doctor. Cause it can increased intracranial pressure, sleep apnea or brain tumor.

3. The result of the injury. Pain that persists for several days after injury and is accompanied by dizziness and nausea, may indicate a concussion. Seek specialist!

4. Cluster pain. Severe pain is concentrated in one eye, the length can be from 20 minutes to one hour. Possible redness of eye, increased tear production and a runny nose.

5. Occipital pain. Cervical osteochondrosis is often accompanied by pain in the back of his head. When turning your head the pain increases. Occipital pain may experience at elevated pressure, neuralgia and after hypothermia.

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