How to make a repairs in the bathroom

Bathroom – the most intimate room in the apartment and must be kept in perfect order. If pipes in poor condition, yellowed enamel bathtubs and unsightly, tiled walls and muddy with the divorce – it’s time to do the repair. This is troublesome and financially costly. To repair brought satisfaction and money were not wasted, be not limited by surface refurbishing, it is better to do thorough than a couple of years to revisit the issue.

Как сделать ремонт в ванной комнате


1. Before beginning work, consult with masters and friends who are already doing repairs, their advice will help you avoid many mistakes. The first step is to calculate the allowable load on the structure. And that in fact may happen: will the concrete floor, lay the system «warm floor», then a tile and all… this pie will overwhelm the neighbors.

2. Correctly measure the room and calculate the amount of materials. But buy the tile with a margin of 10-15%, because it has to cut, it might break. Remains of tiles do not throw away, suddenly plitochki after some time burst – you can easily replace. By the way, do not use white grout. From moisture it darkens, looks untidy.

3. A big problem in the bathroom creates a slippery floor. Glossy porcelain not for her. A good option would be epatirovala tile.

4. Making the layout of the bathroom, consider not only the dimensions of the room, but also their own growth, this will avoid inconveniences when moving around the room. Many make the mistake of Paiva in a small room and bath, and shower, leaving a small Piglet. Make the bathroom as comfortable as possible, increase the space in it, instead of installing the font in shower compartment with a beveled external corner.
Sink installed on the standard height, designed for the growth of 165-180 cm high or, on the contrary, low person to harass. If possible, adjust the height of the shell.

5. The mistake is to hang in the bathroom for hygiene one upper lamp. In addition to the General light in the bathroom should be local coverage, it promotes relaxation. And, most importantly, do not skimp on building materials – buying cheap materials, saves you money, but lose in quality.

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