Woman phlegmatic — feature

Женщина флегматик - характеристика

To understand the true nature of man will help the type of temperament. Especially if you are dealing with a female phlegmatic, then its characteristics will help answer your questions. Not only do psychology there is a complete psychological portrait of this person, she will tell you how looks these girls.

What is she, a woman of phlegmatic?

Let’s start with descriptions of the inner world, character traits. So, it is a strong, emotionally well-balanced person. Besides its main highlight is the absence of reckless behavior.

And let her a little slow in their actions, but any thing that is taken is completing to the end. All because she possesses a considerable tenacity and perseverance in any activity.

As for her mental state, the lady-phlegmatic is difficult to understand. Her facial expressions will tell you that she now feels. What can we say, but actually women with such a temperament it is difficult to show their feelings and emotions. The most amazing thing to be angry and they will not immediately: first, they need to accurately understand whether it is worth doing.

Of course, the phlegmatic will not name the speaker. Moreover, it is difficult to even communicate with their household, but the conflict it almost never provokes.

Externally, you can determine that it is the woman-phlegmatic, with her low, quiet and sometimes without tone of voice, confident, but slow gait. She always cares about her appearance and surprised by the giant surrounded by tranquility.

Characteristics of women-phlegmatic in the profession

If this is your type of temperament, then you will be like monotonous work. First look at the work of economist, accountant, therapist, clerk, botanist, astronomer, agronomist or engineer.

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