How to survive the death of her husband — the advice of a priest

Как пережить смерть мужа - советы священника

When, unexpectedly for herself, death of a loved spouse, it seems that life loses its meaning. And even if you were married for many years, left heirs, it is difficult to imagine how to live without a soul mate. In this case, the advice of the priest will help to understand how to survive the death of her beloved husband. As is known, when a person enters the afterlife, relatives on earth should make every effort to help him reach Paradise.

The advice of the priest, how to survive the sudden death of her beloved husband


  • The deceased person needs the care of loved ones that are left here on this sinful earth. All must remember that, as a person, the person does not disappear. He has an immortal soul, but if during his life he was not a believer, then to survive his death, should be mindful of his own soul. First of all, should not indulge in excessive grief. Because discouragement is one of the eight deadly sins. If you allow him to dwell in your soul, then in it there is emptiness.
  • Try to calm down, all their strength and love for the deceased will invest in prayer. 40-day pray. This is necessary and your soul, and the soul of her husband.
  • Remember that after this life on earth, you will definitely meet with your spouse, and therefore think about, if you are worthy of a good life after death. Do not forget that Orthodoxy is incompatible with excessive whining, howling over the dead. Forget about the mountain. It will not help you or the departed in another world to your loved one. Remember that husband is still alive, but he is alive with God.
  • Write a note and donate to the temple for the repose of the soul of the spouse. More pray and ask the Lord to help you through this difficult loss. And this rule applies not only to the question of how to survive the death of her husband a woman in age, but young widow. Remember that your life on this earth ends. You must believe in God and continue to live, to enjoy every day.


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