Why do men come back after breakup – psychology

Почему мужчины возвращаются после расставания – психология

Whatever feelings and attitudes between man and woman, from bitter separations and broken relationships no one is immune. Not only the fair half of mankind have wondered why men sometimes go back after the breakup, but also the science of psychology. It’s not always possible to fully understand the motive for such an act. After what had to endure, not again you always want to let in your house, heart and soul of the one who once gave up everything and just left.

Why do men come back after breakup — the main reasons


  • First, consider the case when after he said, «We must part», it took six months, and even year. So, completely unexpectedly for itself, you will know that blessed your ex through mutual friends trying to learn how do you do, how you live, and indeed, what has changed in your life for all this time. Not only that, soon he will dial your number, and then maybe to visit to visit. It happened, but the words of contrition you can’t hear. In this case, you know, or he wants to be your friend, someone you can always count on, or returned because of normal curiosity.
  • Years passed, as you are not together. The wounds have healed, but left scars. One day, coming home from work, on the threshold you will see him who so long had been betrayed and with whom I shared the best moments of their lives. All he Почему мужчины возвращаются после расставания – психологияwill say, «I’m Sorry. Let’s try first». In this case, do not rule out the possibility that he has become wiser, has revised its Outlook on life. In addition, a former lover can clearly argue, for whatever reasons, decided to return.
  • Considering in more detail the question of why, and after some time, the man always returned, psychology notes that in most cases men are not indifferent, where and with whom to spend time, his ex. If he knew that her heart was taken by another, it immediately boils jealousy. He begins to Woo her, for wasting a lot of money, effort and energy. Women who find themselves in this situation, the main thing immediately is not to show that you have forgiven him and are willing to give a second chance.


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