The nature of the shape of the nose

Характер по форме носа

The science of physiognomy allows the appearance of a person identify important information. For example, to learn about some of the personality traits by the shape of the nose. By the way, experts believe this particular part of the face the most important in the characterisation.

As the shape of the nose to define a person’s character?

Experts in the field of physiognomy claim that the nose has the greatest variety of features. You can highlight certain groups, distinguished by their appearance.

The nature of the shape of the nose in women and men:


  • Convex nose points to the businesslike man. It is very difficult to Express their emotions and to feel happiness. To achieve financial stability, they often show aggression.
  • Hollow nose means that its owner is able to easily Express their emotions. It should also be said that because of the breadth of his soul, they often face problems in the material sphere.
  • The narrow shape of the nose can one say about such traits as high availability and the ability to value their own and others ‘ time. Loving relationships for them are associated with responsibility.
  • If broad and flat nose, it indicates devotion, loyalty and kindness. In making serious decisions such people use prudence and coldness.
  • The owners of straight and sleek nose are mundane natures, and materialists. Such people have too high requests.
  • Large fleshy nose points to the goodness and charm person. In life he was emotional, but unlucky. Even the owner of a big nose is sexy and loyal.
  • The man with the Greek nose is a leader, and in some situations even a dictator. Yet he is loyal and independent. It should say about his love of money.
  • Owners snub nose are sociable and kind. It is important to note their loyalty and resentment. They are cheerful and decent.


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