What is the difference between stained glass from the window?

In addition to conventional Windows, there are stunning stained glass Windows. Many do not spare money to trust the artists work on their creation. But what is different from the stained glass Windows? Will try to figure it out.

Why the need for stained glass

The main function to perform such works, and decorative. If a simple transparent glass is attracting particular attention, the stained glass is a remarkable art decoration and bright accent in the interior and exterior of homes or public buildings. Stained glass is a game of colors, and sometimes the embodiment of spectacular images.

Stained glass

The window in the stained glass style also transmits light, but also drops on the floor and walls mesmerizing glare, so the room created a unique atmosphere. I must say that the art of making stained glass appeared a long time ago. Originally colored Windows adorned the palaces and temples, and later became a highlight of the stained glass Windows and other buildings, including residential buildings.

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How unremarkable the window opening turns into a masterpiece? The secret lies in the technique of making stained glass. What constitutes such a work? In some cases it is a combination matched to each other colored glass pieces, in other – the application on the basis of special paints. All of this is the difference from the stained glass Windows, glasses which are only homogeneous colorless canvas.

Let us dwell on how to create ornaments and narrative paintings are called stained glass Windows. The classic way – cut colored glass fragments of the composition, the framing with lead and tin. Is original stained glass window with wooden contours. To obtain it use the longitudinal cutting of the tree with a thin trunk and branches. The flat blank is installed in the frame, and in the intervals between the branches is fixed coloured glass.

Sometimes stained glass is a type-setting method. In this case, the elements of the picture are fixed on the basis of available – ready windowpane. But the simplest and the cheapest option, which does not require the use of additional lenses, is painting the window. At first, the varnish are indicated by the fragment boundaries, then the areas between the lines are filled with color. Such is not always with paint. The material often is used, for example, the colored sand is applied to the glass surface.

Answering the question, what is the difference between stained glass and window, we should mention that the stained glass can be much larger. As well as using stained glass technique is created not only picturesque window openings, but are the patterns on interior doors, light fixtures and other interior elements.

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