Hair straighteners

Утюжки для волос

Hair straighteners can help straighten your hair and make them perfectly smooth. In order to choose a device that will retain the structure of your hair and will not damage them, you need to consider certain points. What? Let’s deal with it.

How to choose a hair straighteners?

A good hair straightener must have a quality surface that will not burn through your hair. Coating materials can be of these types:

  • ceramic is one of the most harmless. It evenly distributes heat on the surface;
  • Teflon plates of this material will not stick to the strands, even when hair is processed cosmetic products;
  • marble – this cover has a cooling effect. It is ideal for those who have weakened hair and split ends;
  • tourmaline combines the properties of marble and Teflon coating. It removes the electrification of the hair;
  • metal – coating is not recommended, because it conducts heat unevenly and burn through the strands. If you do hair styling flat iron with a metallic coating, be sure to apply to the hair cosmetics for care;
  • titanium – it is considered one of the most reliable. Plate have improved the smoothness and minimize damage to the strands.

Additional features of flat irons for hair

Additional advantages will be the parting of the presence of additional functions, which can be:

  • ion plating, which has charged particles. They remove static electricity and give hair Shine;
  • nozzles that can do vertical or horizontal curls;
  • protection against overheating — prevents excessive heating and allows you to choose for your hair’s optimum temperature. Low temperature (145-165°C) ideal for color-treated thin and weakened hair. For normal hair provides a medium temperature (170-180°C). For hard and thick hair it is possible to set the high temperature (190-200°C);
  • the display provides additional convenience, as you can see, the temperature to which the heated plate.

The width of the Ironing plate

Depending on which strands have to use the straightener, you should choose the width of the Ironing plate. The thicker and longer the hair, the greater must be the width, which is:

  • 2-2. 5 cm — hair length to shoulders;
  • 2.5-3 cm — for thick hair the length of the blades;
  • 3-4 cm for thick hair up to shoulders;
  • 7-8 cm for thick and long hair.

Hair straighteners with nozzles corrugation

Hair straighteners with nozzles corrugation apply the owners of straight hair that want to create their strands of the original wave.
When choosing such instruments it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

Утюжки для волос

  • cover the work surface – it is better to choose the coating metal, and ceramic or titanium;
  • ion plating;
  • the width of the plate;
  • rotating cord – his presence is very important for easy use, this will prevent it from turning about its axis;
  • the capacity of the device;
  • the controller temperature.

Thus, you can choose for a hair iron, depending on the purpose for which you will use it for straightening hair or creating wavy strands.

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