Growing lychee?

Где растет личи?

Lychee, which is also called Chinese plum, is an evergreen fruit tree. It has many useful properties, and many wonder where lychee grows?

Useful properties of lychee

A tree with useful fruit grows very slowly, but reaches heights of up to 20 m. the Crop may be obtained only after 5-9 years. But every year the yield will increase for 20 years.

Lychee has many useful properties, namely:

  • contains protein, high amounts of vitamins and minerals;
  • contains nicotinic acid, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • reduces cholesterol in the blood;
  • recommended for use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • has a vasodilator effect;
  • helps to improve metabolism.

Where grows the fruit lychee?

Chinese plum received its name from its origin from the lowland provinces, located in southern China – Fujian and Guangdong. The fruit grows near the coast and rivers.

China is a country that occupies a leading position on the yield of litchi. Second place goes to India. Also the vast territory is occupied by plantations of fruit in Japan, Burma, Pakistan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines.

Lots of orchards where trees could be planted litchi, exists in Hawaii. But in this country the fruit is grown for private consumption, the volume of the plantations for the purpose of growing for commercial sales is very small.

A small landing which is a single character, exist in Central America, in Guatemala, in Cuba.

In Russia lychee growing in the middle lane. But to grow it quiteГде растет личи? difficult, as the plant needs a subtropical climate with cool and dry winters. For good growth requires a fertile soil. The soil needs to be moistened with sufficient amount of moisture.

Growing berry lychee in nature?

The peculiarity of the growth of lychee is the presence of seasonal variations of temperature. That the fruits that developed and bloomed, the plant must be moist and warm summers. For the development of the buds have small temperature drop in winter to 5-10 ° C and dry climate.

Thus, the presence of the humid subtropical climate is a prerequisite for the proper growth of litchi. This explains the small territory of its distribution.

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