What plants attract to the house happiness and love?

Plants are able not only to make the house beautiful and comfortable, but also to return to the family happiness, prosperity and love. To unleash the full force of the flower, you need to choose the right place and know all the details of the departure and landing. It is important to remember that the sick and dying plants would not benefit.

Какие растения привлекают в дом счастье и любовь?

If your house lacks warmth, comfort and love, pay attention to indoor plants that help to improve the situation. We offer the Top 8 plants that will bring the family happiness and harmony, rekindle tender feelings.

1. Spathiphyllum («Women’s happiness») is one of the most famous plants that help to find a soul mate, getting pregnant, to return to the family understanding and love. It is unpretentious in care: growing even in partial shade and it blooms a long time. Spathiphyllum need to spray every day in the spring to replant in new soil.

2. Uzambarskie violets — popular flower, it can be found in many homes. It is a symbol of eternal love, the plant is able to return to the family trust, get rid of quarrels and conflicts. So violet is beneficial, it is better to put on a windowsill with Eastern or Western side. It is important to remember that this plant likes lots of light and does not tolerate hard water irrigation.

3. Myrtle endowed with healing properties, in Greek means «balm». It will help to make the marriage successful. In the house, where Myrtle grows, always peace, harmony and happiness. In some countries it is customary to give this evergreen shrub of the newlyweds at the wedding.

4. Orchid is the ideal plant for a strong and resilient people, able to make important decisions and never give up. It will help to establish a relationship with a loved one, to achieve success and create a strong family. But it is not recommended to grow weak-willed people. For orchids it is better to find a place in the living room or office.

5. Hibiscus (China rose) will return to the spouses of passion and love. That is why this flower is better to put in the bedroom. Thanks to the hibiscus feelings and attitudes of the husband and wife will become tender and gentle.

6. Chlorophytum may seem nondescript plant, but in people it is often called «Family happiness». If the flower is lush and growing fast, so soon the house will come happiness and harmony. Spouses who dream to conceive a child, should be transplanted Chlorophytum pot in bright with children’s drawings. And the appearance of the arrows means that the house will soon be updating.

7. Pelargonium – an indispensable mascot for family life. This flower is able to cleanse the aura in the house. A plant with red blossoms will bring prosperity and pink love. Geranium helps to improve sleep and maintain emotional balance. Pots of pelargonium should be put on the West and South Windows.

8. Chrysanthemum will bring back tender feelings spouses who have lived together for a long time. She keeps the love and understanding that prevents quarrels. But that the flower opened its magical properties, for it must take good care. If chrysanthemum flowers to an unmarried mother, the owner of the plant will soon meet his love.

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