Why is bad always be kind

It is believed that in dealing with strangers should behave kindly and ignore all the attacks from their side. It is on this principle brought up children in the aristocratic families. In past centuries, affability and piety were required of the personal qualities of the high society.

Почему вредно быть постоянно любезным

Today courtesy is considered a sign of dignity and a high level of culture. Of course, the delicacy and restraint must be present in any conversation. However, excessive and spanned lyubeznosti fraught with health problems and psychological breakdown.

German scientists studied the condition of workers of different professions that involve polite and courteous communication with customers. During the experiment it was found that workers suppress their true emotions and hide them under a friendly smile, after such communication had rapid pulse and signs of nervous excitation.

The same thing happens if you restrict yourself to throw out true emotions. Of course, crap on others, and to reimburse the entire inner aggression on them is not necessary. Nevertheless, and to suppress their impulses and the cry of the soul is not worth it.

In case of any dispute psychologists recommend in a tactful, but at the same time hard and convincing way to Express your thoughts and be sure to substantiate it. If you are angry that your partner has a different point of view, it is better to stop the debate or change the subject. But in any case do not need to agree with him out of politeness, holding at that time a crazy storm within himself. She simply will drive you into a deep depression.

There are still cases when it is necessary to depict courtesy in the presence of a person who dislikes or just unpleasant. In this case, he can just smile and try to think of something nice, forgetting about the presence of the foe. If you play sympathy for him, but inside will zaradite more hatred.

Portrayed friendliness and internal strife cause a person emotional disharmony. As a result – the stress and depression will not pass it by. Therefore, in any situation, try to be as honest, but never forget about the rules of communication and behavior culture. Excessive honesty can present you how ill-mannered or disturbed person.

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