How to get rid of scars on face: practical advice

Scars on the face are most often remain in the memory of youth, when acne develops. The consequences of acne lead to the formation of small pits and scars. In General, the skin on your face looks uneven, it has uneven color. Getting rid of scars may take less time than treating the causes of disease.

Как избавиться от рубцов на лице: практические советы


1. Remember the most important thing is to get rid of scars you can only have a professional cosmetologist. Yes, cosmetics can make a small effect, but completely from problems will not save. They can be combined with professional care. The effects of drugs from scars is usually aimed at lightening the skin, saturating it with moisture, stimulates collagen production. Best of all ointments and creams are coping with the fresh scars.

2. The most effective procedures for getting rid of scars can be spent in the office cosmetologist. Start with acid peels. Acid peel well cope with the consequences of teenage acne. But only if you pass his course twice a year – in autumn and in late winter. Do not expect the effect after the first treatment, the regenerative process in the skin long. But after 4-5 courses of treatments you will notice that the scars have become much smaller, and the complexion was leveled.

3. Old scars can be removed with laser resurfacing of the face on Fraxel or Palomar. During laser resurfacing, the synthesis of collagen in the affected areas, and thus new cells are formed. But the frequency of laser therapy will be determined by a doctor-cosmetologist, and one treatment to get rid of scars is not possible. Laser skin resurfacing has many contraindications. You cannot use this method if on the face there are rashes. In this case, first it is better to treat them with photodynamic therapy, which are similar with laser resurfacing.

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