Acupressure against headache

Acupressure has been known for several thousand years as an effective remedy against many health problems. The simplest acupressure requires no special training, it can make each myself for relief of headache.

Точечный массаж против головной боли в домашних условиях

If you suddenly had a headache, and no medicine at hand, you can help yourself with self-massage of biologically active points.

What points should be massaged for headaches?

Most of the massage points are on the head, hands, feet.

On head look for the following points:

— in the temporal fossae,

above the eyebrow (near the outer edge of the eyebrow),

— the outer corner of the eye, in the area of so-called «third eye»,

above the tragus of the ear,

— between the nose and the inner corner of the eye,

— above the upper edge of the auricle.

Please note that all biologically active points on the human body are symmetrical (except at the point in the «third eye», etc. points on the vertical axis of symmetry of the body). The same applies to the points on the head.

On hand look for the points at the base of the thumb (between thumb and index finger), and about 3 cm above the wrist, also is convenient for point massage around the elbow (in the crease that’s formed if you bend your arm).

If you have the opportunity to take off your shoes, you can massage the following points:

— between the first and second finger (and a similar point on the hand),

— on the upper phalanx of the second finger (near the nail),

— between the fourth and fifth finger

— on the upper phalanx of the thumb (closer to the second finger),

— at the base of the little finger,

— at the highest point of the arch of the foot.

How to massage of biologically active points?

Acupressure should be performed by one or more fingers (pads of fingers), the fingers are perpendicular to the surface of the body and make a circular motion. Pressure should be gentle, yet strong enough. Force with pressure to change, starting with light massage movements, to the more energetic. Also allowed to change circular motions on the pressure, tapping, stroking. The exposure time for each point is about one minute.

Attention! When self-massage of biologically active points is not to overdo it, because instead of alleviating the condition can cause even more problems.

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