Why tomato seedlings thin and long

Spring is the time to plant many plants on seedlings. Experienced gardeners know that planting produced on time, and proper care of the seedlings — is the key to a great harvest in the future. A lot of trouble when growing seedlings bring the tomato seedlings.

Почему рассада помидор тонкая и длинная

Most often when growing tomato plants gardeners faced with pulling of the seedlings, the stems of plants are very thin, often leaves lighter. In most cases, inexperienced gardeners do nothing to revive the tomatoes and just go to the nearest market and buy strong seedlings, spending on the purchase of a considerable amount. More experienced, so never do that, because I know how to cope with such difficulties.

What if the seedlings of tomato, light breeze

So, if your tomato seedlings have sprouted and the stalks were quite thin, then take sharp scissors or better blade and carefully cut the top from each plant. It is very important to comply with a condition that the cut should take place immediately after the fifth leaf (counting bottom). After the work is done, place the «tops» slice in a container of water and leave for a week. During this time I cut tomatoes will appear from the roots and can be planted in a separate container, grow it as a backup material. It should be noted that the obtained in this way seedlings are perfect for growing them in open ground.

As for the bottom of the plant, after cutting the tops, they should be watered with clean warm water under the roots and put in a warm, bright and humid place. Can self-build mini greenhouse made of film. Under favorable conditions, soon the plants will give the shoots and the greenhouse can be removed. When reaching for more shoots of length five or six inches, the lower shoots must be removed. Transplanting in the greenhouse can be made three weeks after the above manipulations.

Why seedlings of tomato, light breeze

Most often, the seedlings of tomatoes becomes long and thin (stretched) because of two reasons: it lacks light and is too thickly planted seedlings. Frequent watering can also cause this disease of seedlings. It would not happened, it is important to care for plants and follow a few simple rules:

— ensure that the plant proper lighting (keep them on the windowsill or purchase a special lamp);

— water the seedlings as needed, do not fill it;

— try to maintain the room temperature 24-25 degrees and humidity of 60-70%.

It should be noted that if all of the above conditions for the cultivation of tomato seedlings are respected, however, you notice some elongation of stems and lightening of the foliage, in this case, it is necessary to fertilize the seedlings with nitrogen. Now provided many kinds of nitrogen fertilisers, so there are plenty to choose. After Podgorny be sure to place the seedlings in a cool place and wait until it will become normal color. Only then transfer it to the old place.

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