How to choose plants for the Alpine slides

Alpine slide (rock garden) is a hill or an artificial mound with plants, shrubs and stones. This element of landscape design that can brighten any garden. To create this composition, you need to choose plants based on the type of soil, climate, and soil moisture.

Альпийская горка

Alpine slide consists of three main parts: the top, middle zone and the foot. Each has its own requirements for the design and selection of plants.

  • On top of the low humidity, but plenty of sun and high temperatures. For this zone are best suited light-loving plants that tolerate drought. The ideal option would be iberis, Dianthus, creeping thyme, Alpine Edelweiss.
  • In the middle zone is less sunlight and warmth, but more moisture. For this area it is better to choose a Phlox subulate, Antalis treningowy, wormwood Schmidt, Alpine Aster, Armeria municipality and the primrose.
  • Flowers growing at the foot, gets the least light. The soil is well moistened, plants are in shade or partial shade. At the bottom of the rock garden you can place a shade or coniferous species: the globe flower, Corydalis, ferns, saxifrage shadow, liatris, rhododendron, thyme, aubrieta, thyme.

A great addition would be bulbous flowers: hyacinth, Crocus, Tulip Kaufman, Colchicum, Tulip late. You should not choose for the rock garden deciduous trees, as in autumn the leaves will fall off and contaminate the composition.

Альпийская горка с тюльпанами

Ground cover for rock gardens

These plants will fill the gaps between the stone elements. They also prevent drying of the soil and weeds.

For rock gardens often choose sjezdovku, the Dryad and diascia. Sjezdovka forms a green carpet of serrated leaves and small flowers. Dryad is a high – altitude plant with creeping stems, and diascia is very popular among gardeners because of its bright orange flowers and lush green foliage that forms a dense carpet.

Обриета - настоящая красавица и любимица ландшафтных дизайнеров

Luxurious decoration of the composition will be Brunner, series, rezucha, viola, arundinaria, Pansy, ramonda, gentian, jaskolka, Badan, atsena, cat paw, buhannic, Euonymus.


Unusual composition can be created from low-growing conifers. For example, on top of a rock garden to plant spruce or thuja, in the middle area to place various varieties of juniper, and the bottom decorating dwarf conifers and saxifrage.

For the rock garden, you can choose mountain or black pine, mounding and spruce, junipers: Chinese, scaly, horizontal.

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