What distinguishes the pattern from the ornament?

Beautiful pattern or ornament always attracts attention. Items with this pattern on the surface look interesting and attractive. But what are the features characteristic for each type of image and what is different from the pattern of the ornament? This will be discussed further.

General information

The pattern, by definition, is an image consisting of lines and colors and shadows. The roots of this word come from «see, see» that, in turn, means «to look at something to behold.» To create designs people have tried since ancient times, applying on the surface of the objects points and simple lines. Over time from a primitive outline of the craftsmen have switched to a real artistic masterpieces. I must say that in the old days the designs were also called ukrasni. So people have emphasized the properties of these images – their beauty, pleasing to the eye.


Ornament – the concept is more narrow. This is the same pattern, but with its own characteristics. Descended from Latin ornamentum, the word began to be used in the Russian language later than «pattern». The translation sounds like «decoration», which indicates that the main decorative feature of the ornament. Applied to the image on items of clothing, utensils, architectural structures and even the human body (tattoos).


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Now, not every pattern is defined as the ornament. There is one key sign, something to rely on, and it is well observed by visual comparison of the images. What is the difference between pattern and ornament? It is that part of the pattern may have an arbitrary location, and in the ornament be sure there is an alternation of fragments, their orderliness. The repeating part of any ornament has a name – rapport.

By the nature of the motifs the ornaments are divided into geometric, representing a sequence of abstract forms:

Anthropomorphic, depicted with figures

Zoomorphic, stylizing the animal world:

Plant, made up of images of flowers, fruits and other things:

In addition to the organization of elements, the difference from the pattern of the ornament is that the pattern can be created not only man but also nature. A classic example is the enchanting swirls on the Windows, which can be seen in cold days. The same ornament is always a creation of man. The location of the elements of such images is carefully considered. While the embodiment of the artist’s conception is frequently possible with the help of special machines.

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