What distinguishes the Palace from the castle?

The Palace and castle is the types of buildings. They both have impressive size. But the design and function of each of various structures. So, consider what distinguishes the Palace from the castle.


Palace – ceremonial building with a unique architecture and special purpose.

The Palace

Castle – building intended for housing and protection from enemies.


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To begin, we note some features of the structures. So, the difference of the Palace from the castle is already in the created atmosphere. The Palace looks festive and presentable, the neighborhood is in immaculate condition. Typically, such a building has a rectangular shape. It impresses with its size and rich finish. Inside the Palace you can see the same glory: spacious rooms with high ceilings, sweeping staircases, furniture, exclusive interior details.

The castle represents something mysterious, inaccessible, and sometimes gloomy. It was erected on a hill, a rocky ledge, or even on the island. This is usually a complex adjacent to each other of buildings, including round towers, and elements are rectangular or polygonal shape. Among the components of the entire structure – a fortress wall, moat, impeding the access to the castle, and the bridge. In the castle are narrow staircases and small rooms are located. Also there are one or two larger halls, which served for joint dining and entertaining.

This variation in device structures due to their purpose. What is the difference between a Palace and a castle? It is that the palaces that were in the possession of the nobles, were built so that they were easy to hold lavish receptions and celebrations with the invitation of many guests. Defensive function they carried out. Over time, the palaces and some buildings for meetings of representatives of state power. Nowadays there are palaces, performs an important social function, for example the Palace of culture.

Lived in castles, the feudal lords and nobles. Such structures emerged during the civil wars, and their purpose was to repel the approaching enemies. Already on the way to building a formidable hitters started to doubt his victory. I must say that the castle often served as a salvation not only for its inhabitants. Often the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, hearing the alarm of the messengers hurriedly gathered food and too hurried to hide behind high strong walls, while the warriors took their positions at the loopholes. A good lock was able to withstand hard and long siege.

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