What is different quarry sand from the river?

The scope of application of sand is very extensive. Especially in demand this material in construction. It is added to cement and plaster, is used in the manufacture of concrete and glass, and this is only part of a larger list. The sand is for convenience divided into several types. Let’s focus on two of them, or rather, consider what the difference between pit sand from river.

Sand extraction

Names of types of sand indicate the place of its occurrence and extraction. A fence of flat sand from the quarry is usually done in an open way. Sand Deposit can be placed directly under the soil layer. But sometimes it is found very deep under ground water. To reach such sand, soil drainage. In addition, there is a hillside career, occupying elevated areas of the terrain.

Mining of river sand is made of the so-called underwater. Deposits of this material are on the bottom of rivers. To discover them and remove the sand to the surface from under the water column, using special equipment, including powerful pumps. They deflate bottom material and deliver it to collection, after which the captured water flows back into the river, and the sand dried.

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From the pits of the sand is taken in larger quantities than from the bottom of reservoirs, but such material is not perfectly clean. In the content of a certain percentage of impurities and the soil is a major difference between pit sand from river. These impurities include dust particles and clay. In some cases, such as the paving of the roadway, the pit sand is used without further treatment. To improve the quality of the material it is washed or sieved, freeing from stones and large fractions.

River sand, due to their location in the nature and technology of production is very clean. It is used, for example, in the production of concrete. Because sand of this type is almost not clogged by contaminations, its price is significantly higher compared to untreated quarry sand. At the same time, the sand from the quarry, past treatment, isn’t cheap either.

On top of that to notice the difference between a career and river sand, you can browse through the grit and through a magnifying glass or microscope. The river sand particles are round and look more aesthetically pleasing. The reason for this is their long-running water, leading to the smoothing of sharp edges.

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