What is the difference between corset from bodice?

The desire to look slim and attractive forces women to make serious sacrifices. Some torture themselves with strict diets, others did not get out of a fitness clubs, others «force» your body into rigid corsets. About the last article of clothing and will be discussed in this article. It’s no secret that a few centuries ago, it enjoyed the widest popularity among fashionable ladies. Wanting to reduce your waist, they were ordered to tighten the corsets to such an extent that almost couldn’t breathe. Surprisingly, this method of transformation of the female figure exists to this day. However, few have resorted to it. But in Vogue a stylish and elegant corsages, which, although they do not model the figure, but look very, very impressive. Despite superficial similarities, the elements of clothing have different functions. Let us consider what is different from the corset of the bodice.


Corset – women’s clothing, designed for shaping and gentle support of the Breasts. Is a wide belt with elastic plates inside, tightly covering the abdomen and lower part of the chest. Lacing is equipped with one or more parties, can also be present hook closure. In view of the tight corset is reminiscent of an hourglass silhouette. He is one of the most ancient articles of clothing, «survived» until our days. The predecessor of this product is considered a wide belt, common procedure of millennia ago on the Greek island of Crete. Performing not only firming, but also a protective function, it was worn under clothing and was popular both in women and in men. At the end of the thirteenth century, European Vogue female wide belt, emphasizing the waist and supporting the Breasts. As bandage was at that time held in high esteem, he quickly got «groupies». In the XV century wasp waist with protruding above her Breasts was the ideal of feminine beauty. As a result ladies have started to be tightened so tight that it regularly fell in a faint due to poor blood circulation and lack of oxygen.


As a full-fledged subject of women’s wardrobe corset appeared in Burgundy. It started asiatica rigid insert of metal plates or wooden bars that went from the bust to the lower abdomen. For centuries, the appearance of the corset and materials for its manufacture were gradually changed. Still in French museums wardrobe items made of metal rods. It is obvious that such clothing was not just insanely uncomfortable, but also very heavy. Later came the combined variants of products from bone, metal and wooden rods. In the XVII century, corsets began to produce with the use of whalebone. Today this article of clothing has ceased to belong to the category of underwear. He often worn with skirts or trousers, and is also popular in wedding fashion. However, corsets are not underwear less common among ladies. In addition, there are orthopedic products type used in the distortions, injuries and diseases of the spine.

Corsage – part of a woman’s dress covering the hips, back and chest. Often have decorative lacing or clasps in the front. A type of garment can be seen in the frescoes of the second century BC Corsage that time emphasized the waist, lifts the Breasts, but left her naked. The heyday of the element of the wardrobe falls on the XVIII century, when fashion entered the so-called flying dresses. Corsage was worn over the rounded lower skirt under the narrow shelves of the bodice. Its length was from the shoulder and to the ground. And only in the XIX century, costumes started to split on the bodice and skirt. Today, the product is considered to be completely independent, as it is worn over shirts and blouses, and is used as underwear. There are models of relatively loose-fitting.


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Let’s start with the comparison functions of the article of clothing. As mentioned above, a corset created for figure modelling. He tightens the waist and lifts the Breasts. In addition, there are medicinal products with orthopedic effect for the warp and injuries of the spine. While corsages are a standard garment intended to cover the body. They may have form-fitting and free silhouette. Corset clings tight always figure at the expense of enclosing the hard seed, whose number comes to twenty-four pieces. The product is equipped with the slimming lace-up located in any part of it. It can also have clasps. If the bodice and lacing is present, it plays a purely decorative role. The same should be said about the bones, which are used only for the shaping of the garment. Usually their number does not exceed four pieces.

Another difference from the corset bustier is that the first mostly worn on the naked body. It is often used in wedding fashion as a element of the bride dress. This piece of clothing in comparison with bustier never equipped with straps. The latter is sometimes complemented by the straps. The corsage is worn on the naked body, and over blouses and shirts. It is made of the most varied, including stretching of materials. The corset is sewn only from the dense elastic fabric. It can be satin, vinyl, taffeta, silk, etc. Need to add that the traditional product consists of ten parts. Among them one should mention the back, front, bodice, bones, laces, zippers, lining, etc. In the corsage maximum number of parts comes to six. Consequently, the last item of clothing is more simple and design, and execution.

To summarize, what is the difference between corset and corsage.


Created for figure modelling
Is intended to cover the body

It is used in medicine
Has only a decorative function

Always tight tight figure
Can be tight-fitting and free silhouette

Inside the product are a hard bone, the amount of which reaches twenty-four
Bone is not always present, their number does not exceed four units

Has a slimming lace-up
Lacing if there is, it plays a purely aesthetic role

Put on a naked body
Can be worn over blouses and shirts

Sewn of dense elastic tissue
Is of the most varied, including stretching of materials

Consists of ten parts
The maximum number of parts comes to six

Never equipped with straps
Can be supplemented with straps

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