What is the difference between pendant from pendants?

Today there is a huge amount of jewelry for every taste and budget. As fine jewelry and stylish jewelry sooner or later find their buyers. Chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, contemporary jewelry list can be continued indefinitely. We’ll talk about these in demand accessories, like pendants and pendants. It’s no secret that they are the best addition to any image, allowing you to add some zest. In this article we give characteristics of the two products under consideration and give a detailed answer to the question, what is the difference between pendant from pendants.


Pendant – neck decoration worn on a chain and often consisting of precious stones. Is a kind of suspension. Can be made of various, including non-precious metals. So, for example, a modern young people are interested in beadwork, beads, wood, wool and yarn. Depending on the style of jewelry it can be supplemented with crystals or stones. Many pendants are investing in a magic sense, identifying them with talismans and amulets. Such beliefs have their roots in antiquity, when the product was worn for protection against the evil eye. By the way, the pendants first appeared in Ancient Egypt. With their help, the Queens and the pharaohs emphasized their high status, look on the jewelry of their own portraits and striking names. With the development of technology of processing of metals products became more sophisticated. Jewelers started to make them out of gold and silver, complementing pendants with inlays of precious stones. In the Middle ages products were used as decorations and awards. Sailors wore pendants of the closed type, inside which were placed the portraits of family and friends.


Pendant – an ornament attached to anything. Its history is rooted in antiquity. As well as pendants, charms were not so much a decorative element, but a way of demonstrating high social status of the owner. Often they were attributed magic properties. According to the conclusions of archaeologists, the suspension present in the attributes of the inhabitants of the prehistoric period. After all, even cavemen wore the fangs and claws of dead animals, threading them in ox sinew. Later ornaments were made from iron, bronze and copper. With the development of mankind product has acquired a new significance, increasingly being used as decorative elements. The term «suspension» emerged in Europe in the middle Ages. Because in those days the buckles and buttons were missing, the edges of the jacket were tied with cloth straps and leather laces with metal tips in the form of a spindle. The latter is passed through the loop. Members of the nobility wore gold and silver tips, sometimes even decorated with inlays of gems. They got the name of the suspensions. Gradually, the nibs have been transformed into exquisite decoration for privileged people.


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It is fair to say that the ornaments are not too many differences, however, are quite substantial. So, if the pendant is worn exclusively on your neck, the pendant can be attached to anything. The latest products cling bracelets, bags, belts, mobile phones and even glasses (photo). Often they are not forsaken and are made of metal, sometimes with the addition of rhinestones. While pendants in most cases are costly jewelry. They are made of gold and silver, decorated with inlays of precious and semi-precious stones. Of course, there are pendants made from scrap materials. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

Charms for wine glasses

Another difference from the suspension of the pendant is that the first is considered to be primarily feminine ornament. This is due to its sophisticated design and the presence of precious stones. Suspension same for centuries was worn both ladies and men. They are a versatile decoration that are popular among people of different gender and age. Finally, if the pendant is always present on the chain in a single instance, the suspensions may be several. A number attached to the bracelet product looks very original, often forming a harmonious picture (photo).

Charms on bracelet

To summarize, what is the difference between a pendant and suspension.


Worn only on the neck
Can be attached to anything

Are often made of gold and silver with precious and semi-precious stones
Made from metal, sometimes with the addition of the rhinestone

Is expensive jewelry
Is not forsaken

Considered purely feminine decoration
Worn by both ladies and men

Worn on a chain in a single copy
Can be used several pieces

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