What distinguishes a bribe from a gift?

No matter how it was sad, but many people use their official position for personal gain. Take, officials, representatives of law enforcement, executives, and educators – not all of them. But if one agree to take a small gift in exchange for any service, others flagrantly violate the job description for serious financial reward. In this article we will discuss what distinguishes a bribe from a gift.


Bribe – material values taken by the official. In their role may be in cash, items, services, or other property benefits. In which a person agrees to an action or inaction in the interests of the briber. That is, the officer goes to the things it should not do by virtue of the office. The adoption and transfer of a bribe in most countries are illegal, which is stated in the Penal code. Under Russian law, considered by the term refers to the bribery of municipal or state employees. Such actions are a classic manifestation of corruption. There are two main types of bribes: bribery and gratitude. The first is given to certain actions of its recipient, and the second on the achievement of results.


Gift – a thing given gratuitously by his own desire to bring pleasure to the recipient. This term has a similar value with a donation. However, the presentation of a present is usually associated with any occasion: an event, a celebration, the custom. However, the reason for such gesture can make and wish to Express my appreciation, to show sympathy, etc. the Present often has a hidden meaning, understandable for both the giver and the recipient. Sometimes he puts some obligations on the recipient, implying the use of reciprocal gesture after some time. It should be noted that gifts in Russia have always been at a premium. Confirmation of this can be found in tales and legends. For example, various magic items, whether it is a ball guide or a tablecloth, got the heroes as a gift. A few centuries ago in Russia was a popular term a «present». That was the name of the gift given the visitors the master of the house.


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Let us consider the specific features of each of the concepts. To begin with, what is presented is only a bribe to an official. She always promises a recipient a certain property benefit. The most common form of bribe is a monetary reward given in exchange for service. Such actions are illegal and subject to penalties defined in the Criminal code. As for the gift, in his role act mainly things. They may not represent the forsaken. A clear example of this fact should be considered as a variety of crafts made with their own hands. Gifts are presented to anyone, be it loved ones or complete strangers. They are given free of charge out of a personal desire to please the recipient. Obviously, the gifts are a perfectly legal way to show sympathy and gratitude.

Another difference from a bribe gift from the point of view of the law is in terms of money offerings. If an officer is given gratuitously any thing or other valuables, the total value of which does not exceed 3 thousand roubles, they can be considered a gift. While presenting any material benefits from the profit motive will act as a bribe, regardless of the size of their monetary equivalent. For example, if an officer receives 2 thousand roubles from one of the employees in honor of the anniversary, it is not an unlawful act. In the case where the official takes the same amount of money in exchange for a favor, he becomes a transgressor of the law. In many countries the maximum value of the gift, addressed to an official. Thus, in France it is 35 euros, and in the U.S. – $ 50.

To summarize, what is the difference between a bribe and a gift.


Touted only official
Awarded to anyone

Promises to the recipient certain proprietary benefits
May not be forsaken

Given in exchange for any act or omission
Presented free of charge

The most common form is a cash reward
In his role, and often are different things

Is illegal
Is considered a completely legitimate way of expressing sympathy or gratitude

It is equal to any gift worth more than 3,000 rubles
Should not exceed 3,000 rubles in money equivalent in the event of delivery of official

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