What is different from granulated or freeze-dried coffee?

In the world there are many devotees of the fragrant invigorating drink. Some drink it «on the run» in the mornings to Wake myself up. Others prefer to leisurely enjoy a Cup of coffee after a busy day. Anyway, astringent and slightly bitter taste of roasted beans is not able to leave indifferent to almost anyone. Because making coffee yourself many do not have the time and patience, a wide popular instant version of the drink. The latter will be discussed in this article. Let us consider what is different from granulated or freeze-dried coffee.


Freeze dried coffee – instant beverage that is produced by the technology of «dry freezing». For its manufacture is roasted and finely milled, then the resulting coffee «dust» is brewed in a closed sealed container about three hours. Vapor from the tanks is discharged through special pipe. With him gone and the grains contained in essential oils, which are then retrieved with the use of specific technologies. Digested coffee mass is subjected to rapid freezing in a vacuum, during which it goes out all the moisture. The dry product is broken into particles and impregnated grains extracted from essential oils. With such a complex and delicate technology cooking freeze-dried (or frozen) coffee is characterized by rich flavor and aroma. In the line of instant beverages in this category it is considered the most qualitative and natural.

Freeze dried coffee

Granulated coffee – soluble powder, compacted into pellets by steam treatment. Method of preparation of the drink is called «spray-drying». First the grains are cleaned, then roasted and crushed to particle size of 1.5-2 mm. the Next stage is extraction of soluble matter. To do this, place the ground coffee is processed supplied under pressure by hot water for 3-4 hours. The resulting mass is cooled and filtered, removed insoluble and resinous substances. Dried with hot air, the powder is transformed into lumps under the influence of steam. The use of this production technology leads to the fact that the resulting product almost retains the properties of natural coffee. Because long-term heat treatment of raw material it practically loses its rich color and smell, is added to the powder different dyes and artificial flavors.

Granulated coffee

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Let’s start with the comparison product. Freeze dried coffee has the form of crystals or of pyramids, approximately equal in size. The lot has a nice light brown shade comparable to the color of milk chocolate. Granulated coffee is a powder, pressed into small pellets. It can have both a light and dark brown. As mentioned above, sublimated drink is produced by modern soft technologies «dry-frozen». Thanks to its use in the product is retained up to 95 % of nutrients contained in coffee beans. Thin refined aroma of the drink gives natural essential oils.

The difference between freeze dried coffee granulated from is that the latter is made more coarse spraying. During prolonged heat treatment of the raw material, it almost completely loses its useful properties. The resulting product has a pronounced coffee smell and color, therefore it adds colors, flavors, flavor enhancers, etc. this drink is very far from natural grain analogue. This fact is due to its relatively low cost. The price of freeze dried coffee and. However, it should be noted that to abuse this drink is not recommended. Because it contains a lot of caffeine. For similar parameters granulated drink is much safer. But drinking it in large quantities and on an empty stomach doctors advise.

To summarize, what is the difference between freeze dried and granulated coffee.

Freeze dried coffee
Granulated coffee

Has the form of crystals or of pyramids
Is a powder, pressed into small grains

Has a nice light brown shade
Can have both light and dark brown

Produced by modern soft technologies «dry-frozen»
Made for more rough spraying

In the product is retained up to 95 % of nutrients contained in coffee beans
During heat treatment the raw material loses its valuable properties

Using only natural flavors
Implies the presence of artificial additives

The relatively high cost
The price is much lower

Contains large amounts of caffeine
The percentage caffeine content is not too great

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