How is the pediatrician from the therapist?

From birth and until the age of the development and health of young patients following the local doctor. For anybody not a secret that this doctor is called a pediatrician. Then as adults in the event of illnesses seek the help of the therapist. At first glance the functions of these doctors seem to be absolutely identical. They both listen to complaints, inspect, prescribe drugs, and if necessary, send patients to specialists. So really the only difference between the professions lies in the age group of patients? Let’s try to understand the difference between a pediatrician from a therapist.


Pediatrician – doctor specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases. This also included protection of the health of the child. This specialist sees the body of a baby in General, and deals with the diagnosis of any emerging diseases. If necessary, the doctor sends me for tests, vaccinations, ultrasound, ECG, x-ray, massage, physiotherapy and other treatments. In the first year of life child visits to the pediatrician should be regular and occur every month. The doctor not only monitors the development of the crumbs, adding in height and weight, but also gives advice for parents on the introduction of complementary foods, the use of vitamins, strengthen immunity, etc. when a child reaches one year of age visits to the doctor should be done at least once in three months. After three years of doctor visits only in the event of complaints. It should be noted that the detection of specific diseases the pediatrician refers the patient to a specialist and maintains control over the course of treatment.


Internist – a doctor specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases of internal organs. An important aspect of this doctor performs the correct diagnosis. In General it deals with the treatment of broad spectrum of diseases encompassing various systems of the human body. Thus, the physician is a generalist physician. Any ailments that require surgical intervention, are in the fields of its competence. To the category of the most popular of these include SARS, bronchitis, neurological problems, chronic fatigue, diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive tract, etc. Doctor’s appointment starts with listening to the patient’s complaints, history taking and initial examination. Next, the patient is given a direction by passing tests and research. On the basis of the results obtained, assign the appropriate treatment. In case of detection of a severe or rare illness, the doctor refers the patient to a specialist.


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The main difference between experts is the age of the patients with whom they work. So, the pediatrician is solely a pediatrician. He watches the young patients from birth to adulthood. Moreover, in addition to diagnosis and treatment of diseases, it is responsible and the protection of the health of babies. The doctor carefully monitors the development of the child’s height and weight, but also pays close attention to the prevention of various ailments. No wonder the emphasis in Pediatrics is done on vaccination. Visiting the pediatrician in the first years of baby’s life are planned. Visits are made regularly at certain intervals of time. During the reception, the doctor not only examines the child, but also advises parents on wide range of issues related to first feeding, standards development toddler, it skills, diet of mother etc. it is Quite obvious that such a doctor must be a good teacher and a psychologist, otherwise, to find a common language with young patients would be extremely problematic.

As for the therapist, it works only with older people. Its functions include diagnosis and treatment of diseases, while on their prevention has not been given due attention. Visits to a specialist are not planned in advance. That is, the patient refers to him only in case of ailments. In the role of a doctor is not advising patients. He only gives specific recommendations and, if necessary, answers the patient’s questions. The therapist should have knowledge in the field of pedagogy and psychology. However, the set of specific qualities that are characteristic of the members of the medical profession, it is still necessary.

Another difference pediatrician from the therapist is that the second has a more extensive specialization. He is engaged in self-treatment of many ailments associated with the dysfunction of internal organs. It may be a disease of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, blood, musculoskeletal system, joints, etc. the same Pediatrician is principally engaged in the health of young patients. If the treatment of such common diseases as SARS and chickenpox, he takes in hand, when the occurrence of more serious ailments the doctor refers patients to specialists. In the future, the doctor only monitors the progress of the treatment.

To summarize, what is the difference between a pediatrician and therapist.


Is exclusively a children’s doctor
Working with older people

Pay close attention to the prevention of diseases
Does not prevent diseases, and engaged in their treatment on the fact

Visits are often planned
Visits are made as and when complaints

Give specific advice and, if necessary, answers the patient’s questions

Must be a good teacher and a psychologist
Knowledge in the field of pedagogy and psychology optional

Treats only the most common diseases. In case of serious ailments directs patients to specialists
Has a more extensive specialization. Alone cures many diseases associated with dysfunction of internal organs

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