What distinguishes a Cabernet from a Merlot?

Characterized by a spicy aroma and exquisite taste, red wines are made from selected grapes by a special technology. In the process of making pigments from the peel of the berries go into the wort, giving the drink a rich shade. If you talk about the sorts of red wine, it is worth noting that in the world there are more than four and a half thousand. The noble heady «elixirs» are maintained over a long period, filled with tannins. In this article we will look at two wines that have won huge popularity all over the world. Let’s talk more about what distinguishes a Cabernet from a Merlot.


Cabernet – dry red wine grape variety produced from raw materials of one kind. It occupies a leading position in terms of sales among all beverages in this category. Made from the grape varieties «Cabernet Sauvignon» cultivated in France, Italy, USA, Chile. However, the historical birthplace of the drink is the Bordeaux region. Experts say that it was made in Ancient Greece. Confirmation of this fact are found in the city of Dirrahea records, dated in 627 BC, it is believed that the grapes «Cabernet-Sauvignon» appeared in the European territory by the Romans, engaged in active cultivation with the goal of producing «divine» beverage. It is so called religious people, identifying the product with the Lord’s blood. In the opinion of professional tasters, drinking Cabernet people go through several stages. First drink activates the taste buds, then has a relaxing effect and, finally, reveals its most amazing facets. That’s why Cabernet is called the king of wines the true.


Merlot – a group of dry red wines, produced from raw materials of the same variety. Ranks second in popularity after Cabernet. The birthplace of the drink is also the province of Bordeaux. However, cultivation of this grape variety are including Spaniards, Chileans, Americans, Argentinians, Australians, etc. Its name from the old French word that means «Blackbird». This comparison may be due to bluish-black hue of the berries and the birds love them. The rise of the fault falls on the 1990-ies, when consumers appreciated his surprisingly soft in comparison with Cabernet taste. Thanks to the smooth and calm character of Merlot is often used in blends. It gives more soft tannin varieties of drinks and balances the aggressive taste of young wines.


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The most obvious difference is the raw materials used for the manufacture of the drink. So, the basis of the first acts of the grape varieties «Cabernet Sauvignon». It is characterized by small size berries with large seeds and thick skins, giving the drink a hard bitterness and deep amber in color. Such wines have a characteristic intense bouquet. Their taste is clearly seen berry notes of cherry, plum, black currant. Also in the drink can be distinguishable herbal, mint and tobacco tones. The hallmark Cabernet is considered a subtle violet fragrance. It should be noted that this type of wine is often aged for long enough. As maturing its taste is ennobled and becomes an interesting note. Cabernet reaches the maximum organoleptic properties after 8-10 years of ageing in oak barrels. Often this product has a very specific smell and taste of leather (Morocco). Due to the number of features it is considered a male drink.

As for Merlot, it is made from the same grape variety. It is characterized of large and a few pale berries with a thin skin. In this regard, the wine boasts a deep amber color and tart taste. However, many even like it. This drink has a mild nature along with a rich delicate bouquet. Due to the absence of astringency to use wine easy and pleasant. In a young product is dominated by aromas of berries, as they grow older they added notes of chocolate and figs. The taste is fruity and a bit grassy. Another difference between Cabernet from a Merlot is that the latter is not demanding to the extract. Wine of this variety ripens quickly, so infuse it in barrels for decades, there is no need. It should be noted that in comparison with Cabernet Merlot contains more sugar and less malic acid. Due to its soft fruit flavors, the drink is particularly popular with female audiences.

To summarize, what’s the difference between Cabernet and Merlot.


Produced from the grape variety «Cabernet Sauvignon»
Used for the manufacture of the variety «Merlot»

Excrete from berries of small size with large seeds and thick skins
As raw material are large and few pale berries with a thin skin

Deep amber color
The color is not so intense

Different hard astringency
Practically knits

Characterized by an intense bouquet
Has a gentle nature

The taste is clearly seen berry notes
The taste is fruity and a bit grassy

Has a violet scent combined with herbal, mint and tobacco tones
In a young product is dominated by aromas of berries, as they grow older they added notes of chocolate and figs

Requires prolonged exposure to refining taste
Matures quickly enough

Contains a little sugar
Is more sweet

Is considered a more masculine drink
Very popular with the ladies

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