Different press conference from the press briefing?

Communication officials — politicians, businessmen, experts — with the media can be in formats such as press conference and briefing. What are their characteristics? Different press conference from the press briefing?

What is press conference?

A press conference is a relatively large-scale by the number of participants, suggesting the presence of a sufficiently large number of mass-media event, in which official representatives of the press makes comments on different occasions, answers questions of journalists. The duration of the press conference- about 1.5-2 hours.

The main task of a press conference to provide a better dissemination of points of view, voiced by officials, in the largest possible number of media. This contributes, first, the efficiency impact of this information on these or other socio-economic and political processes, and secondly, provides a more or less neutral interpretation by the media. Those media who may wish to interpret said by officials in his own way, most likely, will refuse from such ideas, because they will understand that a large number of other Newspapers and magazines will reproduce the information exactly as it was presented at a press conference.

Consider the format of interaction between officials and the media involves obtaining second information not only at the time of the press conference, but also before it (in the announcements) and after (in the form of press releases, transcripts, sharing additional and additional questions).

On a press-conferences the focus is on content, completeness and quality of the disclosure of information by officials. Therefore, the events of the corresponding type are usually discussed a little of that — 1-2. Given the fact that the questions can ask a large number of journalists from different media, then, indeed, the level of disclosure presented by the speakers is rather high.

Conducting events such as press conferences, usually associated with significant financial costs. So to organize them makes sense only if the officials are expected to give the community important information. In either case, for example, a press conference held by the person, so famous, that more important is the fact of its appearance in public, than that this person will report to the audience.

It often happens that a press conference is complemented by other activities not directly related to communication of officials with journalists, but fits the theme of the discussed events. This can be, for example, program reports, presentations, discussions with experts.

to contents ↑What is a briefing?

The briefing is an event, which, like a press conference involves the communication of officials with journalists, but less ambitious in the number of participants and relatively short. As a rule, the briefing lasts no more than 30-40 minutes.

Unlike a press conference, the main objective of the briefing is, in principle, to launch the dissemination of any information in the community. It is presented, usually in an exceptionally concise and monosyllabic words so that the media could not, if they wish, to interpret it in their own way. Therefore, a large number of media at the briefing is not the main criterion. But it is important that they are able to convey information to the masses, and therefore welcome, if the corresponding media has an impressive audience of readers, listeners or viewers.

Unlike a press conference at the briefing, officials can give to the community information presented in various thematic categories. Because there is no such problem, as the maximum disclosure of this information and facts can be quite superficial, however valuable in themselves because of the novelty.

The briefing, as a rule, represents only the communication of officials with the press. Any additional activities — such as those that accompany the press conference, it is not carried out.

to contents ↑the Difference between a press conference and briefing

The main difference between a press conference from the briefing — for the purpose of organizing the event. In the first case we are talking about detailed knowledge of the community with the points of view of officials, experts, journalists actually about more or less famous events. In the second case it is mainly informing the community about various events, providing the audience the basic facts about them.

Press conference rarely acting as an independent information cause. But the briefing just yet. And subsequently, on the basis of the information that was presented to him by officials, often develop various discussions, there is a need to detail — in turn, in such events as a press conference.

Based on the difference in the purpose of the measures involved, it is logical traced the distinction between other aspects of the press conference and briefing — the number of participants, range of topics covered, duration.

Defining the difference between a press conference and briefing will record the findings in the table.

to content ↑Comparative table

Press conference

What is common between them?

Both events involve the communication of officials with reporters

What is the difference between them?

Is to familiarize the community with the views of officials regarding the well-known events
Is conducted, usually with the aim of familiarizing the community with certain events — they inform journalists, officials

Lasts about 1.5-2 hours
Lasts about 30-40 minutes

May involve consideration of the 1-2
Can assume a large enough number of subjects

Involves the invitation of a large number of journalists
Involves the invitation of journalists of several media — mainly those that have a large audience

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