An Android emulator for Windows Koplayer

Koplayer — another free emulator that allows you to run games and Android apps on Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7. Earlier I already wrote about many of these programs in the article the Best Android emulators, perhaps add this option to the list.

Overall, Koplayer unlike other related utilities, among which I would include Nox App Player and Droid4x (their description and information on where to download, there are in the article mentioned above) — all of them are from Chinese developers, efficient even on relatively weak computers or laptops have quite interesting features that differ from emulator to emulator. What I liked in Koplayer is the possibility of setting control in the emulator with the keyboard or with the mouse.

Installing and using Koplayer to launch programs and games of Android on PC

First of all, when you download Koplayer in Windows 10 or Windows 8, SmartScreen blocks execution of the program, but in my test nothing suspicious (or undesirable) in the installer and the already installed program is not found (but still be careful).

After running a couple of minutes and download the emulator, you will see the emulator window, inside of which will be the interface of Android (which in the settings you can put the Russian language, as in any other smartphone or tablet) and on the left the controls by the emulator.

The basic steps that you will need are:

  • Keyboard setup — it should run the game itself (show below) for a convenient way to customize the controls. Thus for each game are kept separate settings.
  • The purpose of the shared folder is to install an application apk from a computer (simple drag and drop from Windows, unlike many other emulators not running).
  • The screen resolution and RAM size.
  • The fullscreen button.

To install games and applications you can use Play Market, which is in the emulator, the browser inside an emulated Android for download apk or using shared folders with a PC, install the apk from it. Also on the official website Koplayer there is a separate section for free download APK

Something especially prominent (and significant deficiencies) in the emulator I found: it works, it seems, without problems, on a relatively weak laptop brakes in the middle on the requirements of the games are not seen.

The only detail that caught the gaze — control setting from a computer keyboard, which is performed for each game separately and very comfortable.

In order to customize the controls in the emulator with the keyboard (and gamepad, or the mouse, but I’ll show it in the context of the keyboard), when running the game hit the point with its image on the upper left.

After that you can:

  • Just click anywhere on the emulator screen, creating a virtual button. After that, press any key on the keyboard to it clicking the clicking was generated in this area of the screen.
  • To make a mouse gesture, for example, the screenshot made by swiping (dragging) up and assigned the key «up» for this gesture, and a swipe down from the corresponding specified key.

After you have configured the virtual buttons and gestures, hit Save and control settings for this game in the emulator will be saved.

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In fact, the possibilities for Android in Koplayer provided significantly more (in the program help for settings), for example, you can assign keys to simulate the response of the accelerometer.

Do not undertake to say unequivocally — this is a bad or a good Android emulator (tested relatively superficially), but other options if you for some reason do not come (especially because of the awkward controls), to try Koplayer may be a good idea.

Koplayer can download for free from the official site By the way, can also be interesting — How to install Android on PC as operating system.

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