Mask from black dots in home: best recipes

Ugly black dots are masses of people on the face, especially in girls puberty and owners of oily skin. They are localized on the nose, chin, forehead. Mask from black dots in the home will bring you real benefits if you have experienced this phenomenon, and how to treat it have no idea. Inexpensive and effective folk recipes passed down from one generation to the next. It is likely that you will suit several of them.

How to get rid of blackheads on face at home

Comedones are formed due to:

  • wrong selection care facilities;
  • the use of substandard cosmetics;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • excessive oily skin;
  • improper diet, strict diets;
  • bad habits;
  • disorders of the endocrine system, which need treatment;
  • stress.

Cleaning your face at home will bring results, but you need to realize that the point may again appear after a while, delete them forever will not work. It is therefore desirable to determine the cause of the fault and eliminate it. There are various pharmacy and store-bought remedies black spots on the face, drugs, but to focus I would like on the ways to prepare masks.

Recipes of home masks against blackheads and pimples

If you have no idea how to remove blackheads from the face, try to make a vehicle with your own hands and take advantage of them. For most recipes there is no need to use expensive components or effort. To make a good homemade mask you can in just a few minutes. See the most effective recipes for tools for Teens, women, men home.

With baking soda and salt

Components have a very strong cleansing effect. Step by step instructions prepare the mask-scrub:

  1. Take 10 g of salt, soda. 1 tbsp of gel for the face in liquid form pour to components. The consistency of the mixture will be similar to froth.
  2. Wash, but don’t you go dry. Light rubbing motion, apply a mask.
  3. After a few minutes wash off the solution, use a nourishing cream. Soda blackhead, interacting with salt, gives excellent result.

With honey and lemon

Instructions on making masks from blackheads at home:

  1. Push 50 ml of lemon juice.
  2. Heat the honey in the same amount up to about 40 degrees. Better use a water bath.
  3. Mix ingredients in a vessel made of ceramics or glass.
  4. Smear on clean face with a sponge. Be careful around the eyelids.
  5. Cover the face with a cloth sitting in the mask a quarter of an hour.
  6. Do the procedure once a fortnight, no more.


With gelatin and coal

Film gelatin face mask really helps. Prepare her for the recipe and instantly get rid of large black dots:

  1. Activated charcoal (1 capsule) in a metal container, grind into dust.
  2. Add a teaspoon of granulated gelatin. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour into a container with dry ingredients 25-30 ml of milk. If the house were not available, replace with plain water.
  4. Heat the ingredients until they are thoroughly dissolved, in a microwave oven or water bath. While the mask is hot, spread it on the face of a stiff brush.
  5. Wait until dry, remove the tape with a sharp movement, like a band-aid. Try not to break it.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine treat the skin.

With cereal

Effective means that are beneficial to problem skin. Recipe preparation:

  1. 50 g of oat flakes into flour.
  2. Add half a Cup of boiling water, juice of lemon, strained 1 tsp.
  3. Spread mixture face. Wait until it dries, wash face, wipe the skin tonic antibacterial.

With egg white and sugar

Step-by-step cooking instructions:

  1. Grab the chicken egg from which you need to extract the yolk. Whisk, adding a tablespoon of sugar. The mixture should be very smooth.
  2. Apply half of the mask on the face. If you is characterized by excessive oiliness of the skin, you can cover all areas. If it is combination or dry, we treat only the problem areas.
  3. Protein when dry, apply the remainder of the mixture Pat. Do this until the layer will not lose the stickiness.
  4. The mask should be applied while the face is completely cleansed, with a frequency of every other day.

From clay

To remove black spots will be possible with the following masks:

  1. Take 50 grams of white clay and ¼ Cup of mineral water. Add a few drops of lemon juice, one drop of essential peppermint, rosemary oils. Rinse the product after final drying. The mask will make the skin whiter and black point will be removed.
  2. In the glass of glass of alcohol dissolve 50 grams of white clay and lemon juice (10-15 ml). Treat your face and rinse after ten minutes. This mask deep cleansing to not get carried away, because it dries the skin, but the black dots are good pulls.
  3. 50 gram clay black pour with warm infusion of marigold. When the mask will resemble thick cream, spread it face. Wait a quarter of an hour. This mask is great fights with black points.

Other effective recipes

If you have no idea how to remove blackheads, you can try to do a manual cleaning at home by yourself. For this you need to get a special cosmetic spoon. It is an instrument with holes, which spending in the face with a light touch, you will squeeze out point. However, it is risky to use this method at home. You can damage your skin and cause inflammation. In addition, in pharmacies there are special sticky strips. Black dots are drawn by them tearing away from the skin.

Here are a few useful and effective recipes of masks and means, to make them at home will be easy:

  1. 25 grams of yeast mix with 3% hydrogen peroxide. You will need 5 ml. Mask cover problem areas. Hold for 10 minutes, and then rinse and walk on a dry face with an ice cube.
  2. Move oatmeal to two tablespoons, pre-chopped, one teaspoon soda. In a separate bowl, dilute the yogurt and water in same proportions. Assemble the components. Apply on a steamed face. Massage into skin and rinse after 15 minutes the mixture. It is best to do the mask before going to sleep.
  3. Thoroughly whisk the yolk. Add lemon juice, puree aloe with 25 ml. Apply several layers, waiting for drying of each. After about half an hour rinse. For the face use a nourishing cream or lotion that suits you the most.
  4. Rinse with a quarter Cup of rice, cover with boiling water. Cover and wrap with a blanket, leave it overnight. Then Express the liquid. The rice mash into a puree. Apply to 5-7 minutes and massage over skin, then rinse with cold water. Can apply as a mask for 30 minutes. Massage movements it is prohibited.
  5. Pour 2 tbsp of corn flour in warm milk. The mixture will be viscous. Gently cover the face, massaging it. When the mask completely hardens, warm water gently wash her.
  6. Mix 25 ml of cucumber and lemon juice, a small pinch of turmeric. The obtained tonic every day, wipe the face. Follow the procedure a month and a half. Cooked serving of tonic store not more than a week.
  7. Mix 50 grams of tomato pulp, two tablespoons of yogurt and fresh lemon juice in a blender. Apply the ointment on a clean face. After 20 min. warm water rinse off.
  8. This mask not only cleans the face well, but also gives it a nice matte finish. Mix 3 tbsp oatmeal, 2 tbsp of yogurt (preferably homemade), 1 tbsp. l. lemon, olive oil. Rasparte face, cover the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cold water narrows down the pores.

How to apply face masks at home

Before application the skin must be perfectly clean and steam. Hold the face over a hot bath with herbal decoctions. To tighten pores, rinse your face after rinsing the mask with cool water. Apply the mixture, most conveniently with a rigid brush. To wash them a comfortable spongecake. To achieve the best result, make a mask until the face is completely cleansed, two or three times a week. After applying be sure to use a nourishing cream.

If you don’t want to face was covered with black dots again, remember these rules:

  1. Do not wash simple soap or lotions with alcohol. They cause enhanced production of fat the sebaceous glands.
  2. Don’t get carried away with rough peelings.
  3. Be sure to wash twice a day means, selected with regard of the characteristics of your skin.
  4. Find quality makeup and remove it carefully.
  5. Frequently change pillowcases.
  6. Try rarely to touch your face with your hands.

Video: how to make a mask from black points

You must learn how to cleanse your face at home, if faced with the shortcomings of the skin. This will help you in the next video. It told the rules of making at home masks, after which the black dots will not appear so hard, and the pores will become less visible. Watch the video and you will sure that you do not have to be a frequenter of beauty salons to have clean skin.

Reviews about the outcome after applying

Victoria, 24 years: I Had from his youth a rash and acne on nose, chin, cheek. They always made me feel so crappy. I have tried many tools to clean, store and home. The only thing that saves me is the mask of gelatin with activated charcoal. Her face gets very clean and smooth, the pores were small and hated missing the point. In the photo the skin looks perfect.

Svetlana, 25 years: never used masks from black points at home, only recently decided to do. Chose the protein with the sugar. I really helped, but the application process pleasant can not name. The problem is that all sticks, drips. Next time I plan to try a product with a dense texture. Store masks do not see sense to buy, great home help to clean the face.

Ekaterina, 29 years: Clean my face, I decided a mask of soda and salt, but to stand are unable. Just a couple of minutes started a slight tingling sensation, which quickly turned into an intense burning. If you ever are going to make a homemade mask, try a more gentle, e.g., clay. It is worth saying that after soda mask rash on the face.


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