Yoga at home for beginners: lessons and exercises

To lose weight, acquire flexibility, relief, build muscle – all this is possible with yoga. Most of us have these goals, but not everyone can go to the fitness center. Yoga at home for beginners consists of a complex of exercises by which you can learn this ancient system of transformation not only body but also spirit. After studying the information about this culture, you will be able to choose the right direction in yoga, you will find peace and harmony.

How useful yoga

Some people perceive yoga as Eastern gymnastics, as other Indian philosophy, others as an exotic variety of fitness. The modern explanation is a combination of aerobic exercise and some spiritual practices. Its use is indisputable and proved by thousand-year experience. Let’s list the positive effects of yoga:

  1. Through intensive breathing during yoga is an active ventilation of the lungs and exercise the heart.
  2. Focusing on the balance of the body and performing heavy exercise increases endurance of the whole organism.
  3. Restores the reproductive function of the female body and potency in men.
  4. Yoga at home for beginners, is able to restore motor function of the spine, get rid of osteochondrosis, salt deposits.
  5. Due to active work of the abdominal muscles perfectly clears the bowel, which relieves from constipation yoga.

The basic rules of yoga

Many masters suggest that you spend the first few sessions with a personal trainer, to understand the mechanism of exercise. If you follow main rules and recommendations, effective yoga at home for beginners. How to do it yourself:


  1. Yoga for beginners does not provide much effort. Do not need much strain to the body is not trembling, breathless mess.
  2. You must breathe evenly, calmly, quietly, silently. Forbidden pauses in breathing, convulsive breaths.
  3. Shoulders should be lowered down to the heart and lungs were relaxed. There are only a few asanas, during which they raised up.
  4. When you perform yoga exercises with straighten the elbows, it must be ensured that this part of the body are not strained, does not have the feeling of tautness and discomfort.
  5. The knees should not strain, bend back of the patella are relaxed and move freely.
  6. Stretching of all muscles and tendons is a prerequisite of yoga, the key to a healthy life.
  7. Two in training – always better than one. Recruit your family or friends to the practice.

Where to start to do at home

Home training requires greater self-discipline and motivation, rather than classes or group. Before you start to do yoga at home, it is advisable to get at least a few lessons with an experienced coach if possible. The wizard will help you choose the optimal mode of practice, load, tell me how to do it. After such training, yoga your home will be a logical continuation of the ways of perfection of body and spirit.

To workout from the beginning does not become unbearable for you to test, you should follow some important principles independent home exercises:

  1. When choosing a set of exercises on the Internet, is based on the experience of the teacher, his figure and even the quality of video that it offers in the form of a tutorial. If the benefits selected book, then it must be a photo and pictures with a detailed description of the execution sequence.
  2. Never do any exercise without prior warm-up of muscles, tendons and joints.
  3. Start with those exercises, the implementation of which does not cause you discomfort or discomfort. Each body has its own individual characteristics and the level of stretch marks.
  4. Learn to listen to your body, the muscles, the pain. Send all sensations on the study of these feelings. You must learn to listen to signals coming from the body.
  5. Continually monitor breathing – is the Foundation of yoga. At first it will seem impossible, but with time the skill will come. Each breath should be consciously. Respiratory control is a very good distraction from discomfort, sometimes occurring during exercise.

A complex of simple exercises for beginners

Beginners come to yoga with different goals, body condition, initial level of sports training. With experience you will understand how to do to unwind or recharge. At first it is advisable to learn some basic yoga poses for beginners, so they can learn to learn to feel your body and move on to more difficult exercises.

  1. «Hands up» or hastasana – from the names of the asanas it is clear that you stand on the floor to put his hands up. Then connect them with the palms over the head. Look direct on his thumbs.
  2. «Cobra» is an obligatory pose in any set of exercises. Lying on your stomach raise your shoulders up, direct look at the ceiling. Bend your back backwards so that the navel does not touch the floor. Hold 10 to 12 breaths.
  3. «Dog face down» – stretches the muscles of the legs, arms and back. To perform the pose, keeping the legs wider, put your palms on the floor at this distance, so that the body together with the floor formed a triangle. Please note, legs should not be bent and the hands pulled back in a straight line. The view point at the foot, press the chin to the chest. Hold the pose for 8-10 breaths.

Videos for yoga for beginners

Quality videos from the masters about where to start their lessons. Video is useful for those who are in the very beginning and looking for yoga lessons for beginners to do it right and not hurt your own body. A selection of videos you will determine for themselves the best variant of the training and professional trainers tell me, what mistakes should be avoided at first, adult and child.

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