Polyps in the gallbladder treatment without surgery folk remedies

Who can argue with statistics? Every tenth citizen of our country there are polyps in the gallbladder. Given that they are detected by ultrasound coincidentally, the figure will be much higher. Compounding the situation is that in this disease there are no specific symptoms. Some doctors say that required surgery, others are less categorical. They claim that if you polyps in the gallbladder treatment without surgery not excluded. Who is right in this situation? We will try to understand.

The symptoms of gallbladder polyps

What is a gallbladder polyp? This buildup on the inner wall of the body. When they are in multiple quantities is polyposis. Dangerous, these benign growths can grow into cancer. Unfortunately, they do not have distinct symptoms. Pain on the right hypochondrium, the weight when eating, the nausea, the same is manifested in diseases of the liver, gallstones. Diagnostic ultrasound except, not exists, and identifies education by accident.

Common are cholesterol polyps of the gallbladder. Their reason is simple – on the inside of the body the cholesterol is deposited. The inflammatory formations growing diseased tissue. Papillomas appear as papillae. The most dangerous – adenoma – growth of cancer cells. Among the reasons of emergence allocate a few:

  • the accumulation of cholesterol;
  • obesity;
  • hormonal therapy;
  • stagnation of bile;
  • eating fatty, fried foods.

Treatment without surgery

How to treat a polyp in the gallbladder? Single nodule up to 5 millimeters are not dangerous. When their size from 5 to 10 millimeters, required constant medical supervision. The necessary therapy to eliminate the growths increase. Prescribed medication: «Allohol», «Holoenzyme», bear bile. It is recommended a strict diet, treatment of folk remedies. See how the knot looks on the photo.


When education increase in size, become more than 10 millimeters, is endoscopic polypectomy of gallbladder. This operation only removes the growth, and the organ itself remains intact and continues to operate normally. Only when the dimensions of the formations of more than two inches, recommend the removal of a diseased organ, because the probability of cancer. The surgery is performed quickly, within 2 days the patient continues outpatient treatment at home. According to the international classification ICD-10 diseases with such tumors have a code К80-К86.


In addition to medication, prescribed diet. When it is very severe polyposis. The diet excludes fatty and smoked foods, limit consumption of sweets and honey, reduced the amount of salt. Completely eliminated the following products:

  • onion, garlic, radish;
  • fatty meat;
  • bean, spinach;
  • sour cream;
  • baking;
  • pickles;
  • mushrooms;
  • strong coffee.

Diet for polyps in gallbladder involves smaller meals five times per day. You should drink a lot of water, up to two liters, so the bile becomes less dense. It is recommended to add in food bran rich in fiber. Resolved:

  • lean meat;
  • sweet fruits;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • yogurt;
  • butter;
  • porridge with water.

Folk remedies

If you have a polyp in the gallbladder, treatment of folk remedies will suspend the increase. Excellent results are obtained by using the decoction of celandine. The course of treatment lasts one month, there is a break for 10 days, then the process continues, and so three months. For preparing the composition is poured into a thermos spoon celandine herbs, added a litre of boiling water. Aged hour. Should take before eating, per day three times. Dosage – one hundred grams.

Is it possible to cure gallbladder polyp

Completely cure this disease is impossible. The growths do not disappear completely. They can only stop its growth. This is important for early diagnosis. Only when you have captured the disease in the beginning, and education are small in size, it is possible the treatment. Prescribe medications, diet, treatment of folk remedies. However, mandatory periodic ultrasound.

Video: what to do with gallbladder polyp

Some experts tell you that surgery is required in the presence of tumors, while others argue that it is possible to do the treatment. Watch the video and you will learn about the risk factors and causes of disease. You will understand, in what case, under what circumstances surgical intervention. When allowed when polyps in the gallbladder treatment without surgery?

Feedback on the results of treatment

Jan, 65 years

Was examined, the doctor accidentally discovered a growth on the wall of the gallbladder. Advised a strict diet. The most difficult thing in all this – give up sweets, pies. Particularly difficult often to drink water. Six months later came to the U.S. and the knot has not increased in size, but still lost 6 pounds. Very useful diet, it is advised to follow.

Elena, 45 years

Came to the hospital with pain in right hypochondrium. Thought that hurts the liver, was the reason for that slight bowing in the gallbladder. Advised to drink the infusion of celandine. Not to say that it’s nice. But the doctor said that if not treated, the polyp will grow, will have to operate. Took three months, went for an ultrasound – no growth. Great recipe. Advise.

Tatiana, 35 years

There was a nagging pain in the side, on the right. Went to the ultrasound, and bile found in papillomas of the small size. The doctor said that at this stage allowed when polyps in the gallbladder treatment without surgery. Herbal stop their growth. Saw Helichrysum and yarrow rhubarb. Six months later the ultrasound did not find changes. I advise you to drink herbs.


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