7 important things how to start losing weight

Toned body, well-groomed skin, sparkle in the eyes can nicely «adjusted» the age of the woman. Sports, healthy, active lifestyle fraught with the secret of eternal youth and beauty. «Idly» dreaming of a perfect figure, girl’s hope that food refusal advertised «slimming» of synthetic drugs will save them from extra pounds. But nothing like this happens…

Psychologists say that the process of weight loss begins… in the brain. While you are internally convinced that to lose 2-5-15 kg is a fantasy or perceive the sport, the restriction in the diet as a «necessary, but not desirable», the final result will be distant and ghostly. Determined to bring the weight back to normal, but lost where to start losing weight?

7 important points for losing weight beginners.

  1. Motivation. The success of any intention depends on the purpose for which you need to perform certain actions. Many girls think that getting rid of extra pounds will bring good luck in your personal life, career, happiness. This motivation is good for the final «kick in the ass» and rethinking the causes of their completeness. To lose weight for my husband, friends, the envy of others is a ridiculous idea.Nutritionists, psychologists focus on the «correct» motivation which weight-loss results will surprise you:


    • health;
    • psychological comfort;
    • the joy of communicating with children, loved ones, loved ones;
    • the feeling of happiness;
    • harmony of body and spirit.
  2. Lose weight… in my mind (and in reality). Create your own «virtual» image. Imagine yourself slim, toned, beautiful. Mentally go back to this picture every time on the way of losing weight there are difficulties or setbacks. Think on how many kg you want to lose weight.If possible, visit a therapist, endocrinologist and cardiologist can help identify hidden health problems. During the visit to a dietitian you can calculate the optimum weight and effective weight loss program. There is no time or opportunity to visit specialists? Use the BMI calculator and the special tables, allowing to define excess body mass and volumes of the figure.
  3. Think through a plan of weight loss. When you know how much weight you have to lose, develop a strategy – how, when, and in what time frame will get rid of excess weight. Go to short-term goals, which should be clearly delineated. Instead of «want not have the sweet» in the longer term, include the date and note, that from this day you refuse rolls. After a couple of days, plan to remove from the diet… dry sausage, etc.This gradual transition will help to reconstruct the eating habits without stress to the body, which will gradually become the norm. Just remember that losing weight will remain «in the pipeline», is not to reinforce the desired action.
  4. A tunable mode of the day. To recuperate the body needs at least 7.5-8 hours a night’s rest. Women who choose a strict, low calorie diet, you should the sleep time be increased to 9 hours. During the day be sure to allow an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening for walks, active games outside with the kids, sporting practice.
  5. A tunable power system. Drastic restriction of the diet to lose weight for beginners often brings frustration and desire to return «as was». Constant hunger will not bring good (only health problems), so, resigned to the idea that healthy eating is forever, gradually change eating habits. Weight loss will be more successful if you will join relatives or friends: agree that the husband will eat for dinner, pizza and French fries will be a «distraction» to the diet factor.
  6. Choosing the right diet. If you prefer to «speed up» the process of losing weight by restricting calories and sudden changes of diet, choose the diet so that it accommodates the interests of your body. Like meat and seafood protein power for you prefer cereal – select carbohydrate way to lose weight.
  7. Struck up a friendship with sports. Most women who want to lose weight, fear of physical exertion, coming up with many excuses: too much weight, lack of time, problems with joints, heart, etc. to get used to an active life will help active walking (not sitting in the yard), during which you should place in a fast pace 2-4 km will be Good yoga and Pilates, which strengthen the muscles of the body. Then should move on to more intense workouts – cardio and strength.


To lose weight successfully «held», and you remain full of energy, and set yourself to hard work: change the diet, normalize day regimen, engage in physical exercise. Try to maintain a good mood and faith in the result. Go for it!


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