5 tips gynecologist every day

Intimate health is a touchy subject for many women. The oppression, the hope for grandma’s recipes, if you have symptoms of the disease, the medication «according to the girlfriend» or devil-may-care attitude to their own body (intimate care, sexual contacts) lead to sad consequences. To maintain a healthy urinary system and reproductive organs?

5 tips gynecologists for each day:

  1. Watch intimate hygiene. Frequent and very rare intimate toilet leads to the development of inflammation and the occurrence of infections. On the surface of the vaginal mucosa are useful lactobacilli that maintain level of microflora in the pH. Frequent washing often cause dryness of the mucosa, reducing the number of beneficial bacteria. The lack of intimate toilet during the day threatens the development of pathogenic microflora. Prefer a special soap for intimate areas or baby soap without perfumes and fragrances.
  2. Pay attention to unusual discharge. Fluctuations in hormonal levels, stress, hidden infections can be the cause of thrush, vaginosis (microflora imbalance). Abundant cheesy discharge, itching of the vagina – symptoms of candidiasis. After examination by a gynecologist, you will be prescribed treatment with antifungal drugs. To restore the level of lactobacilli probiotics will help. Remember, any discharge – the reason for the unscheduled visit to the gynecologist.
  3. Control the level of acidity of the mucous. Increased acidity of the vagina can be caused by the consumption of certain foods that affect pH levels in the body, the use of contraceptives, antibiotic therapy, pregnancy. If you have symptoms of burning, dryness, itching, pain during or after sex, consult a specialist.
  4. Not SuperCool. Leave the mini skirts, stockings and short jackets for the warmer months. Make your choice in favor of linen from natural cotton, avoid sitting in a wet bathing suit. Favorite thongs and panties with lace synthetics do not wear for more than a couple hours a day to avoid the development of infections.
  5. Make a choice in favor of safer sex. The condom is the only method of protection from deadly diseases and banal infectious diseases. Some occur in men asymptomatic. For example, candidiasis in most cases not worried about the stronger sex. However, being a carrier, your partner can infect you, and you will be unsuccessfully treated.

Caring for intimate health every day, pay attention to hygiene, choose protected sex, avoid promiscuity. Support your immune system, which will help to avoid the occurrence of inflammatory processes. And remember that visiting a gynecologist at least once in six months will guarantee healthy functions of the urinary and reproductive systems.



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