Want to lose 15, 20, 25 kg – reality or fiction

Most diet involves restriction of calorie intake. In an effort to get the model parameters, dropping overnight to 25 kg, females are resorting to extreme ways of losing weight. Mono-diet, which lasts for months, fasting help get rid of extra pounds, but undermine the immune system, causing harm to the health.

Is it possible to lose 15, 20, 25 kg in a short period of time or «fiction – my favorite genre»?

The opinions of nutritionists

Competent software reset of extra pounds must take into account: the weight of the woman before the weight loss, the physiological characteristics of the organism, food eating habits. The loss of 2-3 kg in a week – the best option to prepare the body to a new way of life. Quick weight loss «guarantees» the development of vitamin deficiency, deterioration of mood (eat what you want!), the loss of strength.

Starvation, reducing calorie intake to a minimum of 300-500 kcal/day give the result in the first phase of the diet, when the body is experiencing stress. Gradually adapting to the lack of energy from food, it is reconstructed in a mode of «accumulation», when the weights stop at the same mark. Floating diuretics, laxatives, slimming young ladies forget that pounds are due to fluid loss the cells of the epidermis, and fat accumulation remain in place. .


The opinion of doctors (internists, endocrinologists, cardiologists)

Women and girls with a BMI above 25 are at risk to acquire an autoimmune disease of cardiovascular system, kidneys or liver. Obesity doctors recommend diet and exercise. However, rapid weight loss can lead to hormonal disorders, immunity weakening.

To achieve a weight loss of 15, 20, 25 kg in a short time without power, pill that kills the organism is impossible, even if your diet will consist of water and lettuce. Don’t forget about the violation of peristalsis of the intestine in the absence of fiber: constipation and intoxication you provided.

Abdominal (visceral) fat that surrounds the internal organs and the most dangerous of all types of lipid «savings», splits in the last turn. This is evidenced by the problems with weight loss problem areas – stomach, sides. Those who want to look thinner by 25 kg, you need to calculate the duration of the program of weight loss. It should be 3 to 6 months.

The view of psychologists

Most women mistakenly believe that ideal figure will bring happiness, love, lots of nice bonuses, forgetting the age-old wisdom about the merchant and the goods. The goal being rapid weight loss, girls are looking short-term: the long awaited date, a school reunion or a formal outing. Often complaining at the slow pace of getting rid of extra pounds, women forget that an important condition of weight loss is proper motivation.

Want to look beautiful for others? Get the result – the arrow of scales will be in place. To the field of fiction is classified, and the faith of the ladies in the miraculous «free» devices – bracelets, magnets, clips, etc. Think, well, how to use volcanic ash or magnet on your ear you will be able to get rid of 25 pounds in a couple week? While doing nothing and continuing to eat everything…


Opinion losing weight ladies

The fair half of mankind are sure to lose weight on 15, 20, 25 kg really for a short period of time. In the course are diet pills, Supplements, sports nutrition, antidepressants, hunger strikes to the unconscious state. Realizing the danger and harm to health, many girls in pursuit of fictional beauty argue that dropping the weight, they will cease to poison themselves with chemicals. Here only pounds come back again…

Research confirmed that over 80% lost weight using extreme methods of beauties, in the first month after you quit the diet return to its previous settings. Nutritionists, doctors, psychologists insist that rapid weight loss up to 25-30 kg without ruining health amphetamine belongs to the category of fiction and myths.


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