Maggi diet, menu for each day: detailed cottage cheese and egg diet

Every woman dreams of beauty, without spending a lot of effort, without exposing ourselves to hunger strikes. A gentle approach, allowing you to burn 10-15 kg, there are! Maggi diet, menu for each day for different age groups. Protein diet doesn’t Deplete the reserves of the organism, does not require additional vitamins as it contains all the chemical composition of the periodic table. The diet is characterized by a steady consolidation of weight.

What is the essence of the diet Maggi

The essence of this diet in strict order of meals that cannot be interchanged. If for some reason there was a failure meals, the tangible effect will be and have to start all over again. Among the advantages of this diet is permitted unlimited use of the product. Dietary Maggi in the menu for each day excludes alcohol, fats. It is recommended to drink per day 2 liters of water. Maintaining the body in such mode guarantees weight loss.

Detailed menu for each day

Dietary Maggi in the menu for each day is allowed to use salt, pepper, seasonings. Allowed moderate consumption of coffee, but without sugar. Tea is better to drink green. Meat and fish should be cooked without oil – boiled, baked, using a double boiler. The basic products of this diet are eggs, providing the body with all the minerals, and citrus fruits that supply vitamins. Through this combination occurs the breakdown of fats.

Egg diet Maggie for 4 weeks

Diet for a month features different menu on each of 7 days. First two weeks Breakfast is boiled eggs, citrus.

Monday – fruit; dinner – beef.

Tuesday – chicken salad; in the evening – 2 eggs, mixed vegetables, toast, tangerines.


Wednesday – cheese, tomatoes, toast; after 18.00 – brisket.

Thursday – citrus fruit; dinner – veal, fresh vegetables.

Friday – braised beets, eggs, after 18.00 – fish, salad, orange.

Saturday – apples; in the evening the brisket, mixed vegetables.

Sunday – chicken, steamed vegetables, tomatoes, tangerines; in the evening boiled beets.

The second week of the protein diet.

Monday: salad and bacon; dinner – mixed vegetables, 2 eggs, tangerines.

Tuesday: chicken breast, mixed vegetables; evening reception – 2 eggs, oranges.

Wednesday – veal, cucumbers; in the evening – 2 eggs, citrus.

Thursday – low fat cottage cheese, 2 eggs, boiled beets; dinner – 2 eggs.

On Friday afternoon boiled fish, 2 eggs.

Saturday: beef, tomatoes, grapefruit; after 18.00 – a fruit salad.

On Sunday twice a day – boiled chicken, steamed zucchini, tomatoes, grapefruit.

The third week of the most severe restrictions.

Monday all day eating low-calorie fruits.

Tuesday fresh and boiled vegetables in any quantity.

Wednesday – tangerine, stewed zucchini, carrots.

Thursday cabbage salad, fish, steamed beets.

Friday is boiled zucchini, carrots, beets, brisket.

On Saturday and Sunday, pamper yourself with citrus. One kind of all day.

Fourth week – you adjust the portions.

Monday – 4 slices of beef, 4 cucumber and tomato, a can of tuna W/butter, toast, tangerines.

Tuesday – 200 g bacon, 4 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, toast, fruit.

Wednesday – cottage cheese 1 tbsp, cheese, cooked beetroot, toast, cucumber and 2 tomatoes, grapefruit.

Thursday – chicken, tomato, cucumber, toast, orange.

Friday – 2 eggs, 3 tomatoes, lettuce, tangerines.

Saturday – 2 chicken Breasts, yogurt, 2 cucumber and tomato, 50 g of cottage cheese, grapefruit.

Sunday – cans of tuna W/oil, cooked vegetables, toast, 2 cucumber and tomato, 2 tsp cottage cheese, orange.

Cheese option for 2 weeks

Maggi two-week variant is characterized by the fact that instead of eggs use low-fat cottage cheese.

Every Breakfast is 200g cottage cheese + fresh fruit.

Monday: afternoon – apples; in the evening – beef, mixed vegetables.

Tuesday: lunch – brisket; after 18.00 – fish, salad, toast, orange.

Wednesday: afternoon – cheese, tomatoes, fried bread; in the evening the meat, assorted vegetables.

Thursday: lunch – apples, pears; in the evening – meat, cabbage.

Friday: lunch – salad, 2 eggs; dinner – fish, assorted vegetables, grapefruit.

Saturday: afternoon – fruit; after 18.00 – beef, grated carrot.

Sunday: lunch – chicken, steamed vegetables, tomato, orange; dinner – boiled carrots.

The second week curd version retains the same Breakfast.

Monday – boiled beets, cottage cheese; dinner – fish, carrots, grapefruit.

Tuesday, Wednesday – meat, vegetable slicing; after 18.00 – cottage cheese, pears.

Thursday: lunch – cheese, vegetables; dinner – steam fish cutlets, salad.

Friday: lunch – vegetables, seafood; dinner – cheese, fruit.

Saturday – meat, tomatoes, grapefruit; the night – tangerine.

On Sunday, two meals – chicken, zucchini, tomatoes, orange.

Diet when you quit the diet

If you want to keep the acquired weight, try not to lean on the carbs. Maintaining the diet large number of citrus fruits, lean meat will allow you to stay slim. The duration of the marathon diet allows the body to produce gastronomic habit. Sometimes you can break the usual scheme – the thing to bring your body to the need to revisit the restrictions.


Reviews about the weight-loss results

Anastasia, 35 years.

After birth, gained 13 lbs. going Long the spirit and finally decided to lose weight. For myself, I chose a shorter variant of curd. For the first 5 days got rid of 5 kg. was Thought that this rhythm will remain, but for the second week dropped only 2.5 kg. nevertheless, The minus of 7.5 kg! Now I’m happy with their appearance. Even pulled an old favorite jeans!

Julia, 45 years.

Skinny I have never been, but when the numbers of weights were off scale for 100, knew it was time. A high protein diet frustrated several times that the right products were not at hand, we want sour cream, we at the holiday table offended. But even with frequent breakdowns, I managed to lose weight up to 84 kg. This is not the limit, I mentally prepare for the next call.

Eugenia, 29 years old.

After the New year I always gain weight. I chose the Maggie because of the large amount of meat. The only thing that I did not fit, so it’s a citrus. I’m allergic to them. So I decided to replace them with apples. I achieved the desired result after about 20 days and did not continue. The result is great and the effort not so much!


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