How to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother fast at home

Bearing and birth of a child is a wonderful stage, which has to be every woman. But after the initial excitement pass, there are unpleasant problems. One of them is the extra weight that moms are gaining throughout the period. Adipose tissue is necessary for the carrying a child and breastfeeding. Surplus spoils the figure, thereby reducing self-esteem beauties. How to lose weight after giving birth to return the body of the girl wedding photo? Some useful tips in a small review.

Features of weight loss in the postpartum period

Lactation is the period in which a woman spends a lot of energy. Therefore any restrictions of the diet are not allowed. After birth how to lose weight quickly? Because of the strict diet will worsen the quality and quantity of milk. Food that is eaten must contain the whole complex of useful substances, vitamins and microelements. So forget about harmful products (mayonnaise, sweets, sausages) and hard limits (mono diets «shock» the system).

How can a breastfeeding mother lose weight after giving birth? Your menu must consist of useful products, because they are directly affect the health of the baby. During feeding the child’s body reacts to the food a woman eats. If you try to get rid of weight with any special medication (pills, teas, herbs), then it will have a negative impact on the health of the crumbs.

Smaller meals – it is a system that will not bring harm to the body when feeding and will allow you to lose weight after giving birth. Your daily menu divide into 5 portions that will be eaten every two hours. During this time, you won’t be hungry, why not become gluttonize. Give preference to food:


  • made for a couple;
  • boiled;
  • cooked in the oven with minimal amount of oil.

Effective ways to lose weight nursing mother

When the production of milk in a woman’s body during the day is spent around 500 calories. Therefore, if correctly calculate the diet and correct habits, you can easily lose weight. The process of losing weight after giving birth happens during the classes everyday things: a walk with the child outside or cleaning the apartment. Stop eating for two – after giving birth you need to pay attention to the number and caloric content of food.

Diet when breastfeeding

For effective weight loss after pregnancy energy content of food, reduce the dosage to 1500-2000 calories per day. The main recommendation to the diet – wholeness and balance. You cannot indulge in any form of food, while strenuously to lean on each other to lose weight after giving birth. During this period, the body of a young mother needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, so the calculate menu.

Sample menu for a week

Diet for nursing mothers, which will allow you to lose weight after childbirth, should contain lean meat and fish. Helpful protein will give necessary energy to the body, and a long digestion in the stomach will ensure the absence of hunger. Boiled and raw vegetables – required components of the daily menu for losing weight after pregnancy. Eliminate on the diet potatoes, and instead of the garnish use of cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.

Reduce the number of calories in your diet, have the advantage of boiled or steamed products. Something like this you need to eat during the week to lose weight after childbirth:

  • Breakfast: portion of boiled meat with vegetables and a small piece of bread;
  • snack: vegetable salad;
  • lunch: light soup, fish or chicken;
  • snack: cottage cheese pie with fruit;
  • dinner: porridge with a piece of fish or chicken thigh.

If you are thinking how to lose weight in HS, should be aware of the foods that can cause allergies in the baby: citrus, chocolate, honey. While you feed your baby breast milk, you should avoid eating such food. The reaction, which will provoke dangerous stimuli, will the baby for life. So experts recommend not to eat such food. After cessation of lactation safely locomotes forbidden food.

Physical exercise for fast weight burning

Exercise for weight loss after delivery will complement and make effective diet. In addition to weight loss, your body will come to normal to tightened muscles, the skin, improves the tone of the body. It is recommended to consult a fitness trainer that will properly calculate the program for moms who want to lose weight after giving birth. This is especially true for women undergoing cesarean section – an individual approach will save you from complications after surgery.

How to lose weight after childbirth? Free morning exercises, which is your habit, is able to put in order the body and get rid of extra pounds during the first months of school. Move more, walk to the supermarket, refrain from the Elevator. Judging by the reviews moms, vigorous walk with baby in the Park more effectively idle conversations with friends in the process of losing weight after childbirth.


Video: how to remove belly and flanks at home

How to lose weight after childbirth, if breastfeeding? Through active physical exercise and a balanced diet. However, how to choose the right load for a weakened body to lose weight after childbirth? Any erroneous complex will cause injury and complications. So you should seek the advice of a specialist who will recommend the appropriate pace and sequence of implementation. Learn how to rid of postpartum belly fat and sides with a simple but very effective exercises from a short video below.


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