Why not flower pepper

Planting of peppers done on time, the seedlings have grown strong and healthy and positive, she underwent the transplant in the greenhouse. However, for some reason the plants do not bloom, is not fastened to the buds. The reasons for this may be several.

Почему не цветет перец

For a long time the flowers on the peppers may not appear because of too high temperature in the daytime, especially if it is accompanied by a strong cooling during the night (below 15 degrees). To avoid this, take the time to plant peppers in the greenhouse until weather is favorable.

If plants do not receive enough light, it can also result in a lack of flowering. It often happens that appear on the peppers and flowers after pollination the ovary appear, but they fall off. Light correction of in this case most often corrects the situation.

No buds to speak about oversaturation of the plant nitrogen fertilizer. Eliminate such feeding and soon will appear the first flowers.

If flowers appear, but fall off, then you need to analyze the humidity in the greenhouse. Too humid air, and insufficient soil moisture are the main enemies of a good harvest. Timely watering of the plants, with exceptionally warm water, and the need to ventilate the greenhouse, especially in hot Sunny days. Remember that watering with cold water adversely affects the plants and their fruiting.

When transplanting peppers make sure that the soil is warmed enough, otherwise the roots of the seedlings will not work properly and the plants will starve that can cause lack of flowering.

Lack of nutrients is another reason for not blooming peppers. Don’t neglect dressing like «Bud» or «Bud», and then this trouble won’t affect you.

If the flowers and fruit appear, but at some period of time begin to fall, in this case it is necessary to examine plants for the presence of rotting fruits and of peduncles. If this is the case, it is possible to fight the disease will help you with special medication such as «Zircon», «EPIN».

Why not pepper blooms on the home window

As for the lack of flowering peppers in the apartment, then in most cases the reasons are the same as for growing them in the greenhouse. The plants are blooming, they create favourable conditions for them:

— watering time with warm water;

— maintain humidity below 65 %;

— avoid strong temperature fluctuations (wall seedlings from drafts);

— use feeding conducive to fruiting;

— keep the peppers in large separate containers, do not put them too close to each other.

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