How to green the pergola

Pergola – easy construction, invented in ancient times by the Romans. This is a simple prop with pillars and beams, it is set separately on site or near the wall of the house. No doubt, her need to decorate with climbing plants, pots or coniferous cultures.

Как озеленить перголу

The pergola has no roof, this building will not protect from rain, but is a great place for family dinners and intimacy. For landscaping this aircraft design is chosen vines, basket plants, conifers and even shrubs.

Vases and planters with basket plants

Once the pergola is built, it should be soon to decorate. But the vines grow very slowly, so initially, you can Refine the structure with pots of basket plants. Rich dark-green colour will ensure ivy, olorotitan and Cissus, also a wonderful choice would be the plants with brown and white streaks: Sabrina, syngonium, epipremnum. And if you want to a gazebo decorated with lush flowers, choose hoyu, surfiniyu, pelargonium, alissum. On the South side of the pergola will be comfortable with the rhipsalis, the decorative succulents and sedums.

Annuals for decorating pergolas

For landscaping pergolas you can choose and annuals, but to please they will only spring, summer and fall, but as the chill sets in, the flowers will die. But thanks to them you can create a unique plethora of colors, shades and scents. Annuals grow quickly, and after a few weeks, the pergola will be decorated with gorgeous greenery. For decoration suitable cobia, morning glory, dolichos, decorative beans, nasturtium.

Perennial climbing plants

The best decorations for the pergola, than clematis, trumpet vine and climbing roses, it is difficult to come up with. Clematis like many growers, because this vine grows rapidly and its stems reach 10 meters. But it is better to choose undemanding and frost-resistant varieties. Climbing roses require moderate watering, like sunlight and grow rapidly, criss-crossing supports. Trumpet vine is inferior to the rose and clematis in many varieties and the variety of shades of the blossoms. But it does not require complex care, enough water and cover the roots from the sun.

Next to the pergola you can plant shrubs: Laurel, Myrtle, boxwood, jester, hazel and Euonymus. To enjoy a pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance, relaxing in the pergola, choose Jasmine, lilac, barberry or rose. Festive look will because of the hawthorn, weigela, Potentilla, hydrangea and forsythia. Some gardeners design decorated with raspberries, felt cherry, dogwood, BlackBerry, dwarfish prolific trees.

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