Professional hair clipper

Профессиональная машинка для стрижки волос

Professional hair clipper is significantly different from household machines used in the home and called the mass marketsci or just mass market. High quality professional instruments used in hairdressing salons.

Properties professional hair clippers

Machines for professional use have properties that distinguish them from mass-marketsci:

  • the ability to work continuously for several hours. Although longer they are heated, but you can use them for a long time, while home appliances are able to work about half an hour;
  • durable blades properly sharpened. This allows for even cut hair without «pulling out»;
  • long life. Professional machine is able to last 3 times longer than domestic. It fully recovers the costs of its acquisition.

Types of professional clippers hair

Depending on the power source of the machine are:


  • Cordless professional hair clippers. The devices operate from a battery. Their advantage is an opportunity not to limit their actions at work. The disadvantage is the risk of rapid discharge, after which the device will have to re-charge or change the battery.
  • Cars powered from the mains. They are able to work for a long time. But the wire will limit the freedom of movement and maneuver when cutting.
  • Combined models. They can operate from a battery or from the mains. Such machines are the best option. You will be able to begin cutting machine, charged with battery. If it fails, you will be able to connect to the mains and complete the process.


Depending on the amount of noise that the machine produces while working, models are divided into:


  • Rotary models, which are considered the most silent professional clippers hair. They feature a small engine that heats up with prolonged use. Manufacturers make the casing holes for ventilation or install a cooling system to eliminate this disadvantage.
  • Vibrating modelthat will make a big noise. Their basis is the solenoid. Also a disadvantage is the possibility of working machines within just 10-20 minutes.


Selection of professional hair clippers

When choosing a particular model of professional cars it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • purpose – some models have their own specific functions, for example, are intended for a hairstyle of children. Other models used in professional salons;

Профессиональная машинка для стрижки волос

  • the amount of noise that is published with the work that depends on the type of actuator;
  • power source;
  • blades material (stainless steel, ceramic);
  • the number of nozzles.

High quality different German professional hair clippers. They are comfortable in action, high speed, made of quality material. One of popular models of the German company Moser.

Thus, taking into account the properties and characteristics of the machines, you can choose the appropriate device.

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