Compost for mushrooms

Компост для шампиньонов

Compost for mushrooms is one of the most important conditions for the cultivation of mushrooms.

The composition of compost for mushrooms

The composition of compost for mushrooms includes such components:

  • the straw of rye or wheat;
  • animal manure – cow, horse, pig, bird, sheep, rabbit.

When selecting the composition of compost for mushroom cultivation should follow these recommendations:


  • Use fresh manure or litter, as when stored lost of useful nutritional properties, which makes them unsuitable for the production of compost.
  • To exclude the presence of manure in sawdust or shavings of coniferous trees, as this greatly deteriorates the quality of the compost. This is due to the content of resinous substances that adversely affect the growth of mushrooms.


The production of compost for mushrooms

The production of compost for mushrooms is a complex process. In this case, carbon dioxide and ammonia, therefore it should be carried out in a shed that is well ventilated, or under a canopy. Another option is to cover the compost heap with plastic wrap, leaving the side surfaces exposed.

The process of composting involves several steps:


  • The straw is soaked for 1-2 days, watered it with water.
  • Form a stack, which separated the straw and manure to 3-4 parts and stack layers (each layer of straw alternating with a layer of manure).
  • Each layer of straw is moistened, sprinkle urea rate of 600 g per one layer.
  • After 5-6 days after laying the stacks I hold. The compost is mixed and moistened, sprinkle with gypsum or alabaster.
  • After 4-5 days the second break. This time the chalk is sprinkled with compost and superphosphate.
  • After 3-4 days doing a third film, and after 3-4 days, the fourth.


The entire process takes 22-26 days. Thus, compost for mushrooms may be made with your own hands.

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