Where there are dates?

Где растут финики?

Dates are one of the most popular Oriental sweet, because these dried fruits are both tasty and healthy. In the Muslim world they are eaten instead of candy. By themselves, the dates are perfectly satisfy hunger, enriching the body with vitamins (A, C, b, K, E) and trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, selenium, potassium, sodium, etc.). There are many recipes, which includes this ingredient: cakes and croissants, muffins and cakes, and also various main dishes.

Use dates not only in cooking but also in folk medicine, to treat problems of the digestive system, insomnia and nervous disorders, improving lactation in nursing mothers.

These fruits are not uncommon on our shelves, but no one usually does not think about where, in what countries grow figs. Let’s find out.

Which countries grow figs?

The homeland of dates is considered North Africa and the middle East. It was here, on the territory of modern Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt already 6 thousand years ago cultivated the culture. However, the Indians disagree with this statement, believing their ancestors were pioneers in the cultivation of dates.

Today, figs grow in many countries: Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Syria. Are these trees even in the US, California, Mexico and Australia. But a recognized leader in the export of dates grown in the country, is now Saudi Arabia.

Many curious: what do dates grow in Russia, and where? Note that the dates are grown on the black sea coast of the Caucasus mountains, in particular in Sochi, but such abundant fruiting, of native in the tropics, to achieve here is not possible.

The tree grow figs?

Dates, as we know, grow on a palm tree. However, their fruition possibleГде растут финики? only when they are in usual for the hot desert. In the natural environment dates grow abundantly and produce fruit within 60-80 years. Date palm is not difficult to grow from seeds, but fruits do not wait: the fact that this plant is dioecious, which means that successful pollination he needs «neighbors» of both sexes. Therefore, in the indoor environment of a palm tree grown as an ornamental plant with pinnate, beautifully curved leaves.

Put a bone from the normal date, and the shoots will appear in 2-3 months. Caring for potted palm tree is the following: it should provide bright light, moderate temperatures in summer and cool in the dormant period, winter. The plants should be watered abundantly during active growth, and leaves – to be sprayed.

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