Bath mixer with thermostat

Смеситель для ванны с термостатом

Modern sanitary ware market is saturated with different models of mixers. They differ in their construction and design. Additionally, these devices have different functionality. A special place among the mixers is a fixture with a thermostat bath.

Thermostatic mixer has a pad disposed thereon handles. Using one of them you can adjust the water temperature, the other is to turn off and turn on water. Many models of faucets have a stopper in the form of a button on the case at elevation +38°C. If this function is disabled, you can get more hot water.

To configure the operation of a thermostat mixer, the temperature is first configured, and then turn on the water and regulate its pressure.

The advantages of the mixer with thermostat bath

Mixer, with thermostat, are of reliable design. The device is safe and convenient to use and has a stylish design.

The main task of the thermostat is to maintain a constant comfortable water temperature for swimming regardless of the pressure in the system. In the case of differential pressure, water temperature adjusted within two seconds.

Through this device users are protected from scalding by hot water or from unexpected and unpleasant cold jet. Especially useful will be a mixer with thermostat for those families who have small children.

Most faucets with thermostat are made of brass and chrome. They are considered the most convenient and reliable. In addition, mixers are made of these materials are hypoallergenic.

As a mixer with thermostat is mounted most often on the side of the bath, the material should match the material from which made the bath. Because each of them has its own thermal conductivity. Смеситель для ванны с термостатомThat is why the choice of the mixer with thermostat should be clarified, does it fit to your tub.

Especially convenient to operate, especially for small bathrooms is the bath mixer with thermostat and long spout. A novelty in the plumbing market is an electronic thermostat mixer with pullout spout. Such a device equipped with a display and even remote control, is equipped with an infrared sensor.

Experts plumbers believe the highest quality mixers with thermostat bath model German firms Grohe, Hansgrohe, «Gess» and some others.

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