Blood during ovulation

Кровь во время овуляцииThe phenomenon of blood during ovulation, note in his many women. However, not all ladies know the reasons. Let’s try to understand what may experience spotting mid-cycle.

Could there be any blood during ovulation normal?

It is worth noting that a similar phenomenon is noted in approximately 30% of women of childbearing age. It’s not bleeding as in menstruation. In such situations the girls find on the underwear only a small blotches of blood, which are present in vaginal mucus.
In appearance they resemble small veins or microguide.

It should be noted that in most of such cases the causes of blood during ovulation are strictly physiological in nature. This is due, primarily, with rupture of small blood vessels and capillaries, which are located directly in the surface layer of the follicle. During ovulation occurs tear and release a Mature ovum into the abdominal cavity.

The second common causes of blood during ovulation may be a change in hormonal levels in the woman’s body. So during the first phase of the menstrual cycle is the main hormone estrogen, which creates conditions for the maturation and release of an egg.

It is also worth noting that blood spotting during ovulation can be determined by taking the woman hormonotherapy drugs.

What other factors can cause spotting when you ovulate?

In those cases, when the blood is observed at each cycle at the time of ovulation, a woman can be assigned to hormone therapy, if it is determined that the cause of this phenomenon — hormonal failure.

However, this can be observed in other circumstances. The ovulation discharge with blood may occur as a result of:Кровь во время овуляции

  • stressful situation;
  • overvoltage;
  • physical exhaustion;
  • the use of an intrauterine device.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, the blood on the day of ovulation in most cases is the norm. However, it is worth considering that the symptoms may indicate gynecological disorders, for example such as ovarian apoplexy. To eliminate the disease, the woman is prescribed an ultrasound, a blood test for hormones, polymerase chain reaction, which allows to identify urogenital infections.

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