Measurement of the depth of the vagina

Замер глубины влагалищаOften, particularly young women interested in this kind of question, which is directly related to the size of the vagina, or rather its depth. This is due to the fact that many females, due to their small sexual experience, feel and think that with them love is not gives the man great pleasure. In some cases, fuel to the fire add and choose sexual partners, expressing the woman claims that they during sexual intercourse can not «penetrate to the full depth».

In the situation described above a woman and think of how to measure the depth of your vagina. Let’s try to answer it.

How can I set the depth of the vagina?

It should be said that a woman should not make such measurements. The fact is that in carrying out such manipulations, there is a great risk of infection of the vaginal cavity and injury to its thin walls.

Measurement of the depth of the vagina should be performed only by a doctor. The woman can ask him about it during a pelvic exam.

During such manipulations the woman vagina impose a special tool, which has on its surfaces the measuring scale. Touching it with the tip edge of the cervix, the doctor and fixes the amount. Exactly what carry out measurement of the depth of the vagina.

How to carried out this procedure for the virgins?

In cases where there is a need for accurate measurement of the depth of the vagina in young girls that have not do have sex, use a hardware study, in particular ultrasound. The doctor on the monitor fixes the initial (starting) point from which holds a virtual line through the device. Замер глубины влагалищаAs a result, the device independently calculates its size, which fully corresponds to the length of the vagina.

In practice, this kind of study is very rare. As a rule, the need for it arises when a short and narrow vagina interferes with the normal physiological processes. Thus, in particular, often these girls are experiencing problems with menstruation, which may long be absent or occur intermittently. However, in such cases, this factor has a greater impact width and a parameter such as the permeability of the reproductive organ than its length.

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