Itchy vagina

Чешется влагалищеWith such a situation, when for some reason itches the vagina, faced almost every woman. While not always possible accurately and quickly to understand, why suddenly appeared the symptoms. Let’s try to understand and to name the main reasons of this phenomenon.

What may be itching in the vagina?

It is worth noting that the reasons for which the woman has an itching vagina, can be very diverse. In most cases this phenomenon is a symptom of gynecological disorders. Let’s call the most common of them:

  • The inflammatory process, causing itching. Such errors can be candidiasis, Gardnerella. Thus it is necessary to say that the majority of these disturbances are accompanied by vaginal discharge, which often can have unpleasant smell.
  • The second most common reason for the fact that the woman itches the vagina are genital infections. Among these should be named chlamydia, trihomoniaz, genital herpes.
  • Tumor formation in the reproductive system may also be accompanied by itching in the vaginal area. When these disorders may cause pain in the lower abdomen and discharge.
  • When a woman itches the vagina, it is first necessary to exclude the phenomenon of an allergic reaction. It may develop after use, for example, new not previously used hygiene products.
  • Dysbacteriosis of the vagina accompanied by itching. Caused by such a violation may be changes in hormonal levels, and prolonged use of antibacterial drugs.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene can also lead to the fact that women itching around the vagina.
  • Strange as it may sound, often have girls itching of the vagina occurs as a result of strong emotions. An example of this can be psychogenic itching, which is amplified when removing underwear.
  • The influence of external factors can also contribute to the itching in the vulva and vagina. So, some women have noted its appearance after exposure.

How to behave at such events?

Not always the woman knows what to do, if it itches the vagina. In the first instance you should contact your doctor to determine the exact causes of this phenomenon.

Before you visit the gynecologist, she can ease their suffering by conducting frequent wash using a vegetable antiseptic, chamomile. If possible you need to change underwear as often as possible, 3-4 hours.

Having an itch inside of the vagina, the girl can be advised to use a special cotton-gauze tampon that is soaked in a solution furatsilina, for example. Чешется влагалищеThis medicine helps to cleanse the vaginal cavity from pathogenic bacteria.

Thus, as can be seen from this article, reasons for the emergence of itching in the vagina quite a lot. That’s why the girl alone to determine what might have caused its appearance, rarely works. Only after passing inspection and passing the tests on the vaginal microflora, it is possible to establish the nature of the violation. Therefore it is not necessary to try to cope with this problem. In fact quite often it is just a symptom of gynecological diseases, require treatment. In such cases, the woman has to follow the prescriptions and recommendations of a gynecologist to permanently get rid of the itching in the vagina.

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